Quality of Service Rules in Retail

Beauty business continues to grow steadily in 2014. As more retailers are expending their personal care product section, quality of service becomes the key agenda.

Beauty retailing requires more than general information on personal care products, wigs and hair extensions. Some retail stores hire cosmetologists to assist customers but it doesn’t satisfy the consumers. The average cosmetologist studies heavily on techniques of styling rather than understanding each product associated with cosmetology.  They maybe knowledgeable about how to use each product, but may not necessarily knowledgeable about how the product differs from one to another.
On top of that, the cosmetologists, who generally earns big amount of money working at a salon, may not be satisfied with compensation package that retail stores can offer.
For this reason, the retail stores cried for trained Beauty Consultants for years and it is finally here now.
Thousands of Beauty Consultants will finish the short training courses in their local community colleges and placed in retail stores from year 2015.  For existing employees at a beauty store or beauty section of the large retail chains, online course will be available for free when they purchase the textbook.
In preparation for nationwide training program, BBIM is now searching for college instructors who will teach the classes.  Selected candidates will receive 1 week training with hands-on retail experience.  Each class will be taught by number of industry leaders in each area.  You must be a licensed cosmetologist to apply.