Clip-Ins 101 

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If you’ve got hair commitment issues or you’re just looking for a quick change for a special occasion, clip-in extensions might be the best choice for you. The easiest way to add volume and length to hair is to use clip-in extensions. Clip-ins can be attached and removed from the head with

ease, and the user does not have to worry about committing to a big hair change or even scheduling a time consuming appointment that permanent extensions would require. Clip-ins can be attached in a few seconds or a few minutes and taken out just as easily.

On most popular clip-in brands, a wig clip is already attached to a weft or system of wefts. It can then be clipped directly onto the user’s loose hair or onto a row of cornrows. When it is clipped onto loose hair, it is anchored more securely if the hair is teased back at the root where the clip will be attached.


The one-piece clip-in is simple to attach, with little effort need- ed in styling. The one-piece can be attached to any part of the head and is popularly used to add a streak of color or highlight or to add more volume to a specific area. It comes in a variety of lengths, colors, and textures. Clip-in fringe can also be clipped on the top of the forehead hairline to create faux bangs.


A multi-piece clip-in set ranges from a two-piece system up to about twelve pieces, though you will probably want to check not only the number of pieces in any particular pack but the weight in grams as well so that you know how much hair (volume) you’re actually getting. Sets can add volume and length to the entire head of hair and can be trimmed, curled, or straightened depending on the consumer’s needs. Multi-piece clip-ins are attached in different areas around the head. In a larger pack, you’ll find that the pieces come in multiple widths to fit each part of the head evenly. Beginning at the nape of the neck, the user should clip in the appropriate pieces, working toward the crown of the head. We’ve provided a tutorial for this on the next page. There are many companies who offer a variety of lengths, colors, and textures such as pastels, natural waves, braids, and straight. The number of clips and the widths of the wefts may vary depending on the brand or company.


If you’re feeling adventurous or you aren’t satisfied with what is available, it is not extremely difficult to custom design and create your own clip-in hair extensions. You can use a net as your base and sew weft hair directly onto the net. Then, cut to the desired length and width and simply attach wig clips.

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