3D Braids- The newest Dimension in Braiding



One of the newest things to hit the world of pre-braided hair is the 3D braid. While different companies have different versions there’s one thing they all have in common—a unique shape that adds dimension and volume to the braid. The additional dimension makes the braids stand out in a dramatic way. To get a better idea of the different styles of 3D braid we’re looking at two options currently available on the market, one from Harlem 125 and another from RastAfri. The two are quite different, and both are incredibly wonderful.


Inca 360

As part of their Mochi and Kima collections, Harlem 125 has launched a 3D braid, and it is a very unique and stunning take on braids. The Inca 3D braid offers unparalleled volume and definition. The Inca, 360 is a take on a three strand braid—with two strands twisted together into one and another strand twisted into that.  


After the success of their senegal twists, Harlem 125 noticed that many consumers were pulling the twists apart to create a natural style. Because the senegal twists had not been developed to be pulled apart the creative team knew they could create a product that would look better styled in that fashion. They decided to start with a base of the senegal twist and add another strand which created the totally new, 3D shape. They wanted to create something that would give users the ability to try multiple hairstyles with just one type of hair. “Inca braid has three basic concepts-, particularity, variety, and lightness,” Jayoung Jung of Harlem 125 they explained in a press release, “you can perform various hairstyles with one braid.”

One of the interesting things about this braid is that it can be styled three different ways: as is, with one strand untwisted, or with all three strands untwisted. When untwisted it has a gorgeous tight curl pattern emerges, and it can be in combination with a twist for a truly unique look or a fully untwisted, super voluminous curled style.


The braid itself is extremely high quality; the hair is soft and shiny and holds a curl very well. It’s versatility is the real selling point here though; not only can the hair itself be worn three different ways but it can also be curled using hot water for even more diverse styles.  



The RastAfri 3D Box Braid is a gorgeous new braid line that we think anyone would love. They have a unique size and shape thanks to the complicated four strand braid method. What we love about this is that the braids really stand out and have a lot more volume. Despite being extra thick, the line is incredibly light weight—an aspect that makes them particularly good during the steamy summer months. The two strand finishing technique that is used won’t unravel unless you forcefully untwist them or submit them to extreme wear.


Each braid has a loop at the end, making it quick and easy to install them. They’re also soft on the skin and can be styled as you wish. Currently, there are two lengths available- 12” and 18”. They’re perfect for any age as the size and length won’t overwhelm younger heads. They come in a variety of both natural and radiant colors so you can mix and match or do a whole head however you would like.   


The marketing team for RastAfri told CosmoBiz, “When combining RastAfri’s Base “N” Braid, Tresses Rejuvenator Braid Spray and 3D Box Braid, it is easy to create your favorite cornrow pattern and transform your style from a sweet up-do to a stunning ponytail as well as a side bun to a fierce pompadour, making your 3D Box Braid creations endless.”


We think you’ll love these; they’re so fun and voluminous, and the best part is you don’t have to take the time to do a complicated braid yourself. We got samples in natural black and purple, and the purple really blew us away. It’s a multidimensional shade with an opal sheen we haven’t seen before. If you’re looking for an end of summer do’ we can’t recommend RastAfri’s 3D Box Braid enough.