What’s New in Wigs and Extensions: A look at the fall trends  



Looking to update your wig and extension wardrobe this fall? We checked in with a few of our favorite companies and one of our much beloved experts and freelance writers, Quawayna Campbell, to give you the lowdown on what we’re expecting to see on trend this season.


Based on what we’ve seen, new release-wise we’re willing to place our bets that braids will continue to be huge this season. Last month we wrote about new 3D braid styles from Golden State and Harlem 125, and since then the trend has really taken off. Just this month Model Model has launched their Pixel Braid–a three strand braid meant to offer a unique style and voluminous curls when twisted out. One interesting thing to note with all three of these new braids is that while they’re gorgeous as braids, they’re almost even more stunning twisted out. Bringing us to our second style prediction—massive twist outs. Natural styles and curls are just getting more and more popular, whether on the heads of celebrities or on models walking the runways, and the bigger the curls the better. We definitely recommend checking out these three brands to get a double dose of style!

To get a look at what will be big in wigs this season we turned to Golden State Imports R&D  guru, Sherrell Jackson, to tell us about their top style picks from their Fashions Source Wig Collection for fall 2016. Jackson explained, “Short and medium cuts will be the absolute go to hairstyle for the fall. Whether it’s a short spiral curl that graces the top of the shoulder or sassy voluminous beach waves that beautifies the neckline, you are certain to have everyone in awe with one of these fashionable looks.”


Jackson sent us three wigs to illustrate her points. Ebele is a shoulder length, tightly curled look with tons of volume, giving us the wig version of the trend we expect from the extensions. Gabriel and Gabriella showcase the casual beach wave look that doesn’t seem to be disappearing anytime soon. These styles have been seen on nearly every major celebrity and style icon, from Beyonce to off duty models.

Kia Mckenzie, stylist and designer for the Vivica Fox Hair Collection and the personal stylist of Ms. Fox herself, added her thoughts too. Styles this fall will be varied and unique, and she expects to see a wide range, “From braids to natural locs to bantu knots as well as updos and natural hair to the bob that never goes out of style.” Shorter, wispy styles with finger waves are also going to be hot. She expects longer and mid length styles will make a comeback too, especially when set in soft or body style curls. Mckenzie gave us her color forecast, “We can’t forget about the radiant shades that are very popular in trends this fall starting from copper, for a rich earthy shade, to burnt shades for a warmer look.” Along with the reds she noted that shades of chocolate will be extremely popular and are perfect for emphasizing brown eyes. She continued, “Then you have the three-tone color that starts natural from the root then becomes a pretty, fiery red that softens at your ends with a caramel or light brown hue. For the bolder ladies we have greens, blue, silver and blondes.”

Easy Styling Takes The Cake

We checked in with cosmetologist Quawayna Campbell for her take on the trends. Campbell explained that she expects braided and loc’d lace front wigs are going to remain huge. “It’ll give people the look without the time commitment,” she noted, adding that the bobbed styles in particular are going to be on trend. Braids are more popular than ever and these new wig styles make it so much easier.


One of the most interesting trend changes we’ve noticed is that many companies are launching wigs with an extended lace front. We asked Campbell for her take. “People want more options for parting, then they have more style options,” she explained. Wider lace fronts are something the consumer is always going to look for so it makes sense that more and more companies are making their lace front sections larger and better.


Along with the braided and loc’d wigs, Campbell voted also for some more retro styles. “We’ve been seeing a lot of finger waves, they’re still very popular in both long and short styles,” she said. Lengths will run on the shorter side, while many may still want the longer styles. We’ll see most styles running from just above the shoulder to a few inches longer.


We asked for Campbell’s take on color too. It looks like we don’t need to worry about the unique color trend leaving anytime soon. “Bright colors especially blues and purples are still in but we’re seeing more multicolored looks. These can be either straight bobs with a muti-color palette or curled but a lot of color is key.” Campbell noted that this really runs the gambit on saturation-whether pastel or jewel toned the point is to have as much color as possible. On instagram we’ve seen tons of examples of this—with multicolored “Unicorn” hair being an extremely popular color service. Through August we saw a lot of summer appropriate “Watermelon” hair with pink to green so we’re waiting for colorists to come up with their fall versions!


One thing neither of our specialists noted was an economic change. We’ve noticed a push for the creation of many mid-price extension lines. This correlates with the consumer demand for wigs with better lace fronts, which also come with a higher price. This encouraging sign may be a result of a variety of things including recent increases in the average income of African American households.


Fall/Winter 2016 is looking to be a great time for wig and extensions styles. With the predicted increases in price and quality and the gorgeous styles, we’re looking forward to seeing what kinds of new products come out.