Diligence and Dedication from Connie Beauty Supply

Connie Beauty representative giving back to the community at the 2016 Indianapolis Outreach Event 

After 20 years in the industry Connie Beauty Supply in Indianapolis has become a pillar of commitment and success in the community. Connie Beauty supply has been around a very long time for a beauty supply store. Before being bought by the current owners it was operated for 30 years.  


We spoke with the current owners, O.K and Sue Eun, to learn a little more about their story and how they have been so successful. They came to America 30 years ago and, like many new immigrants, had a little trouble at first. They started in a cleaning business before starting their work with beauty supplies. When they first opened a competing store opened a much larger facility right next door. They decided to move, after learning about a new location and being able to secure a decent price they made their way to what is now their current location.

With the move behind them and room to grow Connie Beauty start to boom, in fact thanks to their success, they’ve expanded in ways the Eun’s never imagined when they first started. They’ve worked very hard, many people now call them the most diligent people in Indianapolis. Their doors are open from 8am to 9pm 363 days a year. All that hard work has paid off, they recently were able to purchase King’s Beauty, the 8500sqf beauty supply that forced them out of their original location. The Eun’s are truly a testament to the power of hard work.