The Armour Collection with Lisa Farrall of The London Hair Academy


If you’ve been looking for inspiration, look no further. The Amour Collection by British Hairdressing Awards (BHA) finalist Lisa Farrall is sure to give you relief from your winter blues. We’re so in love with this vibrant collection. Farrall debuted this stunning series at the 2016 BHA’s in their Afro category. The collection means to pay homage to African culture. Farrall’s team explained it, “represents beauty, strength, and a unique quality that is often difficult to capture.”


Farrall has been making a name for herself in the industry for the last ten years working with musicians, tv personalities, and a wide variety of celebrities. When not on set you’ll likely find her teaching. She’s a renowned educator and hosts seminars and demonstrations on cutting, coloring, and black hair. This collection she did in tandem with the London Hair Academy, one of the most prestigious hair schools in Europe.


A representative explained, “Every year our school goes through a rigorous assessment process to ensure we are delivering the highest standard of training possible, and year after year we pass with flying colors. Our syllabus reflects this– aught by professional hairdressers/qualified tutors who stay in touch with the latest trends by being commercially active as freelancers within the industry and bringing this knowledge back to our students. The market is continuously introducing new trends in today’s dynamic industry, which makes this current knowledge a valuable asset for all students.”


We’re so excited to see what Farrall and the Academy do next!


Hair By Lisa Farrall

Photography: Luke Nugent

Makeup: Suhyun Kang