Quantity Matters in Kanekalon Braid Hair

Know What You are Buying


Kanekalon braiding hair is possibly the most widely used braiding hair currently available on the US market; but are you getting what you pay for? Because of its variety of uses, it goes by a variety of names. Some call it “Kang kalon”, others  call it “Ka…, something hair”,  “braiding hair” or “synthetic hair.” The proper pronunciation is “CA NE KA LON”.


Though it is the most commonly used hair, many consumers ignore a few important facts when purchasing this type of hair. Here’s a few, simple guidelines any savvy buyer should follow to get the best braids for their buck.


To start, Kanekalon hair is very unique and quite scientific. In technical terms, it is identified as a modified acrylic fiber, not a plain plastic fiber. In order for it to work similar to natural hair, its weight must be light while maintaining its thickness. It sounds easy, but it’s quite difficult to manufacture to perfection.


One of the most important aspects is that it must be safe if it’s going to be attached to a person’s body. In addition to that, it has to be flame retardant. Simply put, if the hair catches fire, it should be able to extinguish itself to avoid injuring the wearer. In the industry standard it must self-extinguish within three seconds. It is important to check if the hair is flame retardant before installing any braids. While you may think that all hair would be safe you’ll have to think again. Some companies use a mix of fibers that are downright dangerous. Not only are there fibers that don’t self extinguish, but there are ones that create a burning liquid plastic, which can cause major injury. These are reasons to buy from trusted brands.


Kanekalon braid hair is used as a base by many different companies. In appearance, all these packages look the same, but are they really? We picked up a few samples and checked the weight. There are no set rules on how much hair should be in a pack, but as an industry standard, each package should have about 65 grams of hair (without package materials). Surprisingly, we found that some packages had far less. To ensure you’re getting the correct amount, double check the weight of purchased hair.


These two issues are massive within the industry and cause harm in a variety of ways. Not only do they put the consumer at risk of injury and loss of money, but they put the few trustworthy companies at risk as well. When consumers buy the cheapest products regardless of quality, it sends a message to producers that inferior products are worth their time. Be attentive  when you shop, test everything, and invest in hair that’s worth the money (although the price difference is usually only a few cents more).