Hair Fit For An Empress: Sensationnel’s Kelly Swiss Silk Based 4×4 Empress Lace Wig is fit for a queen

Become the queen Beyoncé’s always wanted you to be with Kelly, a stunning number from the Empress Lace Wig Collection’s Swiss Silk Based 4x4 Line.


Since 1989, Sensationnel has been turning out products that will keep you looking on trend, and Kelly is a true gem. Sensationnel is known for popular wig, weave and hair extension brands including Empire, Empress Lace Wig, Bare & Natural, Select, Live, Instant Weave, and African Collection. Among their large selection of wigs, we’ve brought you a close up look at Kelly, one of the newest additions to their lineup. She is part of their newest line of wigs from their Empress Lace Wig Collection: The Swiss Silk Based 4×4.

One of the most important features of this particular line is it’s 4X4 Swiss Silk Lace part: a wide section of lace backed with a thin layer of silk that not only prevents any unwanted stretching (meaning it’ll fit better longer), but also makes the part look natural even if you have darker roots underneath. Fresh out of the packaging, you’ll find the untrimmed lace protected between two layers of thin foam. We love this! You can unpackage the wig and do minor styling without worrying about any accidental damage. We love the idea of saving this to use in between wears to ensure your wig lasts!  

There are a lot of things to love about this cap’s construction. For starters, all of the seams are perfectly flat and the joining of each seam is done carefully so that it will lay as close to the skin as possible and won’t cause any irritation. It’s also worth noting that the actual fabric of each section is softer than many wig caps we’ve tested, and each fabric allows for ventilation of the hair making it breathable. This also means that you’ll stay cooler even with its super voluminous style.

We’re especially excited to see that the lace edge runs from ear tab to ear tab, meaning you’ll have a super natural looking hairline given proper trimming. We also noticed that the temple area of the wig is not as pointy as most wigs are, which allows you to turn it around if you want your parting to be on the side instead of the center.

Now let’s talk about the hair! The Swiss Silk Based 4×4 Empress Lace Wig Line is made from Futura fiber that is heat safe up to 400 degrees. Not only does this mean you can flat iron and curl it to fit your daily style but it’s perfect for hot water curls. In our testing, we found that after wear and styling the curls respond wonderfully to a hot water or braid based resetting method.

Although it is a style that’s super voluminous, the hair is still extremely light. You won’t have to worry about feeling weighed down like you might with other fiber types. This also means it’s perfect for creating the types of 70’s throwback styles that are oh-so popular right now!