Create Your Own Wig with Vivica A. Fox’s 360 Lace Cap

By CosmoBiz Beauty Examiner Anuli Duru



Summer is finally here and you know what that means? Summer trends and new styles are rolling in and it only makes sense to show them off! This summer, we’re taking a peek into the latest trends for customizing and installing wigs. Vivica A. Fox Hair Collection just launched their 360 Swiss Lace Frontal Cap and we are HERE for it! Not only is the cap very versatile, it makes installing wigs super easy and super fast! (Two of my favorite words!)


This ingenious lace cap wig gives you 360 degrees of lace coverage with layers of hand-tied, silky soft, bouncy hair along with an adjustable cap to get that perfect fit and easy install. The styles with this cap are endless! Depending on your mood, you can wear it down for a sophisticated and sultry look, or throw it up into a high ponytail for a more flirty feel. With its free-part design, you get about 3-4” of parting space. Whether you’re feeling like a Nicki Minaj middle part on a Monday or a Beyoncé flip-over part on a Friday, there’s no limit to what you can create with this cap. The 360 lace can be plucked and the knots can be bleached if you prefer a very realistic look or keep as is. The cap itself is very comfortable, but can also be removed if you prefer to work on a dome cap for even more customization. The swiss lace is also a dream, so there’s no more having to deal with itchy, hard lace!

To install a wig using the 360 cap, I highly recommend using the following tools: a wig head that has the same measurements as your head; a rounded needle and weaving thread; T-pins; and styling gel to (s)lay your edges. You also have the option to bleach the knots for a more natural feel using 30 or 40 volume developer and a powder-based bleach such as Quick Blue or BW 2.


If you choose to bleach the knots, begin by preparing your area using a drop cloth as well as an apron and gloves to protect your skin and clothing. Make sure to work in a well ventilated area as bleach can be very intense on the nose. Carefully mix equal parts of powder bleach to developer to achieve a pasty consistency. Then turn your 360 lace frontal cap inside out so that the knots in the front of the wig are fully exposed. Then, with a brush applicator, carefully apply the bleach onto the knots. Once done, let the bleach sit for about 30-40 mins and then rinse thoroughly following with shampoo, and conditioner. Afterwards, blow dry the hair and add a little bit of moisturizer.

Turn the cap back right side out and place it onto your wig head then secure with T-pins. Now here’s the fun, but longest part…installation time! I used about two packs of Vivica A Fox Topaz Hair in the color number 1 from their Amore Mio Collection. Starting from the nape of the wig, measure out each weft and cut to the desired length. Taking your rounded needle and thread, first sew through the weft to create a secure attachment and then sew the weft onto the cap. The best sewing method I’d recommend is what I like to call the “train track” stitch. It’s just a fancy schmancy way of doing a simple loop and pull method in which you sew with your needle beginning from under the weft and then pulling it through the loop of the thread that is formed right before you pull everything tight. Continue measuring,cutting, looping and pulling until you reach the top of wig where the hair will meet the ends of the lace closure.

Once all of the cap is concealed by lustrous locks, you are basically done! The only thing left is to customize the lace and style! Simply pop the wig onto your head, secure the straps, and carefully cut the lace to your desired length. Flat iron the hair for a sleek look or curl it for some bouncy curls. Afterwards, you can comb out a few hairs in the front of the cap and cut them and gel them down for beautiful baby hairs all day! Then all that is left to do is, FLAUNT IT!
Happy Styling!