Issa Unfollow for Me: Why Cosmetic Youtubers are Losing Black Viewers

*Hits Unsubscribe* Yes, that’s what every African American (male or female) are finding themselves doing today with Youtube make-up stars due to the recent rise of racist remarks. It’s honestly sad to find out your favorite vlogger, who you’ve followed for years and who taught you every face-beating trick trending on Twitter, is guilty of making racist comments affecting people like you.

Jackie Aina via Youtube

And even with the saddest apology, the “I’ve been crying all day” guilt-tripping and the, “I’ve got to better myself” post, you’re left hitting unsubscribe because you feel a type of way. So, for the bloggers, vloggers and every ethnicity not of African American descent, since they can’t seem to grasp why it’s such a big deal to us, I’m going to tell you just why we’re hitting that unsubscribe button.

One of the more recent controversies comes from @KathleenLights being caught on Snapchat by fellow makeup Youtuber @JaclynHill saying the word N***** while playing a game. After she says the racial remark, her husband along with Hill’s husband quickly told Jaclyn to delete the post, even though later posting.

Youtubers Kathleen Lights and Jaclyn Hill via Instagram.

After the video was posted and social media blew up, Lights released an apology stating what many Youtubers say, “I never say racial remarks and I’m so surprised I said that.” No, sis. No. We don’t believe this. Plain and simple, if you can utter a racial remark once, you have probably uttered it before. The only reason you are apologetic is because you were caught in the action. African American’s won’t believe you and for this, you’re followers will invest their money in another person and hit unsubscribe.

Before that, Kim Kardashian came under fire by posting several Snapchat videos about forgiving and forgetting racist comments (more than once) by Youtuber @JeffreeStar.

Jeffree Star and Kim Kardashian via Instagram

After coming under fire, she quickly issued an apology. Let me tell you the BIGGEST mistake and problem of this situation. A person that is not from African American descent putting in her two cents and telling us when and how we should get over a racial situation. Racial discrimination is something that has been passed from generation to generation and with the recent problems, racial awareness is fresh and a priority. If you have not personally experienced discrimination because of your race, you don’t know first hand how it feels. You’re not from that group, so it doesn’t affect you; therefore, telling anyone when, if, and how they should forgive is negligent. Now, we know Kim’s intentions were good, but Star has been caught using racial slurs and hate speak numerous time, and to multiple groups.. Out of every racial comment Youtuber to speak out for, was he really the best choice?

Let’s not stop at cosmetic Youtubers. Just as we’re typing this, word broke of the World’s Highest Paid Youtuber, PewDiePie, who has had a history of racism saying, “What a f****** n******” when livestreaming. To justify his actions, he stated that a person made a bad move and he was trying to call him the worst word. Nah.

So, Dear Youtubers, there is something you need to realize. You’re a person of public interest. You’re not an average person and people like to keep up with your life. You need to be aware of what you say and the consequences it has on your career. Things that would hurt someone’s feelings need to be taken out of your vocabulary. Take some time to learn other people’s cultures so that you are aware of anything that may offend. Know that African American women love to support who they follow, and when they are betrayed, they no longer will spend that money. And understand that some hold grudges, while others may forgive, but never forget unless a major act gains them back. Until then, we’ll just keep hitting unsubscribe.