Rih-Wind! Fashion Week Fenty Beauty Rundown

Who knew a beauty line could break the Fashion Week Internet. Of course, that could only happen with the most fashion-forward celebrity, Rihanna. The Barbadian singer released her much anticipated beauty line, Fenty Beauty, around midnight with many Rih Rih lovers staying up to cop pieces of the collection. Much of the collection is Rihanna’s style with matte foundations, pale pink colors and a glow-worthy highlight. Of course, we were extra hype about the collection and wanted to feature our favorite products out of the collection that each girl should SWEAR on.  


ALL THESE SHADES. YASSSSSSSS! Okay, we definitely had to start with that.


There are multiple battles POC have to deal with when choosing foundation, top being not enough shades for melanin complexions. There are a variety of fair shades, but as the tone darkens, only about three foundation colors are available with them not meeting your shade. BUT, here comes Rih Rih to the rescue with all of these shades to meet every skintone. As a black woman, she understood this issue and made it her priority to reach every customer possible. This foundation is also very matte, but super hydrating with full coverage.

One piece of advice: go to your local store carrying the brand instead of ordering online. Since this is a new beauty line, buying the wrong color because of not being color-matched can be a huge inconvenience. With multiple shades, it’s best to go into a store and consult with a professional.


The highlighters are named KILLAWATT and hunny, and with the way you’re going to be glowing after applying these to your face, you’re liable to blind someone to death. These highlighters come in convenient compacts. Some feature two highlights in one and also come in Match Stix Shimmer Skinsticks. The Shimmer Skinsticks are great for throwing in your clutch and refreshing that glow throughout the night.


There is one highlight, which is Rihanna’s favorite, that everyone has been posting about: Trophy Wife. This highlight is a 3D hyper-metallic gold that looks like a brick of 24K gold. Unlike other highlighters, the color in the compact is the same color highlight on your face. Forget shining bright like a diamond, shine bright as GOLD!

Contour & Conceal

What is life, honestly, without a good contour and concealer? Keeping with the honeycomb packaging theme, Fenty Beauty offers Match Stix trios (concealer, contour and highlighter) that are perfect for achieving a sharp face. What we love about the products is the basic application. Sticks are much easier to apply to the face than
other packaging and with the price, customers are definitely getting a steal.


Gloss Bomb

Bring back the days in 90s and 00’s where all we wore was MAC lipgloss. Wait, Rihanna is doing just that, releasing her only lip product fit for a melanin queen.


Gloss Bomb is a liquid lip luminizer in a rose gold/nude shade that is perfect summer glow in the winter. We do recommend this tone on darker complexions with a matching rose gold highlighter instead of Trophy Wife.