Step Outside the Box with Blackwood for Men

“Those products aren’t for African American hair.” Let’s be real. A lot of African American people shy away from products because they think it’s not meant for their hair texture. While some products don’t clearly target the African American community and feature other races in their branding, that doesn’t mean their products cannot be used on African American skin and hair. To find a good product, sometimes you have to try outside your box and outside your ethnicity. Asian beauty brands have been known to be amazing for any skin and hair type and we wanted to see just how amazing they can be for African American men.

With that notion, we introduce Blackwood for Men. Blackwood for Men is a premiere Japanese brand, which has gained traction in the U.S., landing itself in Ulta stores. This brand is for the sophisticated man, giving modern, minimalist-vintage feels with it’s packaging. It specifically is targeted towards men offering haircare, skin and body care, and travel accessories. And for the ever-conscious male, this brand is paraben-free, phthalate-free and cruelty-free and contains some amazing ingredients like green tea, activated charcoal, tanakura clay and licorice root. All of these ingredient are sure to be from the company’s Japanese roots.

Since launching in 2009, this company has been taking the world by storm and we thought they would be the perfect testing products to combat our earlier theory. We handed out three of the Blackwood for Men products to three African American males to get their honest opinion about using a product that they normally wouldn’t buy on themselves and the true Blackwood review. Keep reading to see just how this challenge turned out!

Blackwood for Men Products

  • Pure Moisture Body Wash
  • Hair Hydrator
  • Cooling Clay Facial Mask


  • Dion Harris
  • Bobby Bazelais
  • Daryl Chesley

Dion’s Experience

Dion Harris was our first tester. Before trying Blackwood for Men, he used a lot of Shea Moisture products and was more knowledgeable about beauty products for men than the average male; however, he has not heard of Blackwood for Men. The packaging was very pleasing to him, noting how it looked very high-end and that he was loving the all black. After trying the products for a week, he absolutely loved all three products. He was fairly surprised at the Hair Hydrator. Dion’s hair is very fair and curly and using the Hair Hydrator “kept his curls moisturized and softer”. He also loved the Cooling Clay Facial Mask. “I don’t use a lot of facial mask now, either simply washing with cleanser or buying a mask here and there. Using this for a week left my face hydrated and soft with getting compliments just three days after using. I’m for sure going to keep using this product.”

Bobby’s Experience

Like Dion, Bobby had never heard of Blackwood for Men and was very hesitant in trying the products. He uses a few products here and there, but doesn’t have a favorite product. “I absolutely love the face and body wash,” said Bobby after trying the products. “I used it five-days a week for two week now and feel that those two products brought immediate results.” The Facial Clay was his favorite, constantly noting how he saw improvement in his acne, felt more refreshed and awake, and that he loved that the packaging being so sleek. “I would highly recommend this to anyone and am definitely going to keep using this brand. I would love to be a tester if they come out with a beard butter.”

Daryl’s Experience

Daryl was probably our least informative out of the three not using a lot of skincare products. “I will grab a bar of Dove or use some of my wife’s lotion.” Out of the three, his favorite was the Body Wash. “What I loved about the Pure Moisture Body Wash was the way it made my body feel after washing. It was a clean sensation that made me feel awake and energetic.” When asked if he would keep using the products, “definitely,” he stated. “I actually want to try out the lotion and see how the whole wash process would be.”

Well, I think we can cross out that notion that this brand isn’t for African Americans, right?