New Year’s Eve Kit: Products to a Perfect Countdown

Can you believe the year is almost over? We honestly can’t either. Seems like just the other day it was summer and we were writing our articles near the pool (jk; we’re writing away in the office!). New Year’s Eve is, to us, the most important night every year. Why? How you start the year is very important in maintaining that vibe throughout 2018. “New Year, New Me” is the expression so many people use. Even ladies start their 2018 kissing their significant other believing that it will mean they will spend the year together. Therefore, starting the first 24 hours of the New Year in a amazing space and vibe is crucial to maintaining said vibe throughout the year.


For your New Year’s Eve, we’ve prepared something very special to make sure you day goes without a hitch. We’ve listed all the necessary items to do the very last day of the year to bring in 2018 as it will be: amazing! No worries about scrambling around with our New Year’s Eve Kit full of products to a perfect countdown!



The best way to go into 2018 is organized and ready to tackle any goals you have listed. The best way to tackle goals are to make daily and weekly to-do list, which hold you accountable in accomplishing what you have planned. Of course, we’ve picked the perfect desktop folio, which represents everything you are: fierce, girly, and ready to kick butt. Kate Spade New York has the best home accessories on the market and the Work, Play Desktop Folio covers everything you need to get the job done. The folio has multiple notepads, stickies, blank sheets, weekly notes, and a to-do section. Be cute and accomplished in 2018!, $32.00


Affirmations in Jewelry

Affirmations should be one of the most important things to focus on in the oncoming year. Speaking positivity brings positivity. Whatever personal beliefs you embody, positivity is universal and a state we all strive for. Everyone strives for positivity, growth, and great health. What’s great about Dogeared is their jewelry reminding you of the persona you want to represent and in this case, we want to be all about newer beginnings. Their Lotus Reminder Pendant Necklace is perfect to remind you of your mental state all throughout the year. “With roots that grow in the mud, and petals that reach for the sun, the lotus flower is a beautiful emblem of the beauty of change.”, $48.00



What’s the New Year’s Eve color of choice? Anything shimmering with silver and gold. Every dress you see in the club or party will be shimmering with sequins, glitter and sparkles, but don’t be that stereotypical girl. A New Year Means a new you. Ditch the sparkle outfit and give hints of sparkles instead with you nails. Essie has an amazing New Years collection, Ring in the Bling, featuring this eye-catching shade, Social-Lights. Social-Lights is a shimmering slate gray glistening with amber warmth. Uh, yes, please!, $9.00



Just as you draw out negative energy, draw out impurities within your skin. Right before applying your makeup, take some additional time to apply a mask to your face using Shea Moisture’s African Black Soap Problem Skin Face Mask. The mask deeply cleanses by drawing out impurities and absorbing excess oil and helps refine skin while addressing problems associated with acne. Glowing skin is how you want to remember your New Year’s going into 2018., $11.99


Set The Mood

While you’re getting ready for the night, take that alone time to refocus yourself, set some positive affirmations and set the vibe for a chill, relaxing night. One way to unwind that, trust us, works WONDERS is setting a relaxing mood with candles. It’s something about the burning of a candle, a nice hot bath and the amazing smell that can settle your spirits and relax your body. The candle boss of all candles is Jo Malone, which has popular scented candles in different sizes. Pick up the travel-size candle in the scent Red Rose and it will literally change your life; okay, well your year. Relaxing the inside and outside with Jo Malone is key in our NYE kit., $35.00


New Year’s Kiss

Okay, onto more important matters: your New Year’s kiss. Either your first or your 30th with your significant other, this kiss means a lot to you and you want it to go smoothly and not a minute late. You also don’t want your significant other kissing scratchy, matte lips, which are dry due to lack of moisturizer. We recommend skipping out on the matte and go for a gloss, which is cute and girly. NYX has an amazing lip gloss that doubles as as an lip oil called #thisiseverything. The lip oil contains almond, avocado, rosehip and jojoba oil with a cherry blossom scent. Get ready for the best kiss ever!!!, $6.00