Makeup Training with Carla Pressley Celebrity Makeup Artist Carla Pressley Shares Her Know How

On October 3rd, CosmoBiz and Bella Crown Beauty Store in Clinton,MD worked together to demonstrate a basic make-up education program. Promotion of the event was launched through social media and was attended by customers who reside or work around the Bella Crown Beauty Store for training. Carla Pressley is a professional makeup and hair artist who has worked on Project Runway as well as with a variety of designers, television shows, brides and magazines. The subject of class was applying a natural makeup look, which are oh-so-popular right now.  

The 50-minute course was not only attended in person, but by a bevy of online viewers as it was live streamed on Bella Crown’s Facebook and Instagram page. The program was a huge success with customers expressing their interest in a continuation of Bella Crown’s educational programs.

Carla Pressley’s Natural Makeup Training Step-by-Step


The most important thing for a flawless makeup look is the quality of the skin underneath. Using a clean hand, you can gently touch the surface of the skin or gauge its moisture level. If the skin, which is the most basic foundation of any makeup look, is keratinized or dry, no matter what the quality of foundation is used, it can not produce good results. Especially moving into colder weather, if the skin is dry, it must be re-hydrated before any product is applied. If necessary, let skin moisturize using a mist, such as a moisturizer and rose water.


It is most common to apply foundation first, but Carla starts by drawing on the eyebrows. When you do the eyebrows first, you can eliminate a lot of troubleshooting later on. If you have to take a second try at the shape or need to blur any lines, you can easily cover your mistakes. If you start with foundation, any mistakes will mean wiping whole sections off and starting again.

Before you draw your eyebrows, you must clean up the actual hairs. Carla simply sorts out her brows by using a tweezer to pull out any stray hairs. When you draw a natural eyebrow using a pencil, you’ll want to follow the natural shape of the brows rather than the exaggerated or fashionable styles that are popular on Instagram. The corners of the eyebrows are not drawn thick and the edges are soft, but clearly shaped. When finished drawing eyebrows, put makeup remover on swabs and erase the mistakes.

When it comes to choosing the right color of product, a neutral taupe will be your best bet. With the exception of pale red hair, taupe is the most likely to cover your bases. Stick to shades that are slightly lighter than the natural brow for a subtle look.

You can draw with eyebrow powder or brush and use eye shadow instead of eyebrow powder. Powder (eyebrow shadow) results in a much more natural look than the pencil, which makes it more natural to draw, so it is easy to draw and the result is natural. In addition, because eyebrows have many pores that extrude sebum, it’s important to set the look so it won’t wear off during the day.

Important Tip When Applying Makeup to Customers – Gradually Gradually

If you accidentally go to dark or too bright when applying makeup to a customer, it can cause you significant heartbreak to have to wipe it all off and start again. Instead, work with a gentle hand and apply in layers building up to your intense shades.   


Everyone has a different eye shape. Some people can use a little bit of eyeliner to complete a good eye, while others outline the entire lid. A person with a lot of eyelashes and a darker color can have a stunning look even if only a small amount of eyeliner is used. However, when the skin is paler and the eyelashes are light, a heavier hand must be used. When drawing the tail side line, you can create an optical illusion that the face is lifted by pulling the wing very slightly up and out. On the other hand, too much makeup on the under-the-eye part can give the side effect that the lid appears to droop down. If you want to keep your eyeliner flawless all day, choose a waterproof product. Additionally, in front of the camera, draw a little darker than the normal.

If you have small eyes, you can see the effect of opening your eyes by using a white or bright colored eyeliner along the bottom waterline. In addition, the white eyeliner can be used for tired and congested eyes, which can be corrected by illuminating the eyes. You can use the most basic white eyeliner. If skin too white is too visible, you may use skin tone.

Tip – Hygiene Is The Most Important Thing

As much as possible, all products should be disinfected with 99% alcohol. Eyeliner and eye products in particular must be sanitized in between every customer and even more often if possible. To clean an eyeliner pencil, simply sprinkle some alcohol along the tip and wipe it away with a tissue. This is important for preventing any transmission of germs or disease and should become a habit.