Date Night Mani’s

Here at CosmoBiz, we’re nail polish obsessed. There’s nothing quite like a fresh mani, but it’s not always affordable to head to the salon every time you want to change up your color. That’s why we love Sinful Color. Their affordable polish and easy-to-use formula has us ready and willing to try new nail art in the comfort of our own homes. Besides, your boo shouldn’t care whether or not your polish isn’t perfect.

We’re sharing four looks at various difficulty levels from Sinful Color’s amazing DIY catalog. What we love about their tutorials is that they teach you basics and you can endlessly customize from there.



Look 1 – Pretty In Punk




Step 1: Apply a generous coat of SinfulColors shade Mint Apple to one nail, do not let dry.







Step 2: Apply a few drops of SinfulColors shade 24/7 to the nail while the base polish is still wet.







Step 3: Follow immediately with a THIN layer of SinfulColors Hypnotic Transforming Top Coat in shade Punk The Town. Watch as the colors liquefy and form a unique pattern on the nail.






Step 4: Repeat steps 1-3 on each nail where the effect is desired and let dry. Apply SinfulColors top coat and let dry.








Look 2 – Red Rebel





Step 1: Apply two coats of SinfulColors shade Energetic Red and let dry.














Step 2: Use a nail art brush to apply SinfulColors shade Cherish Me in a thin triangle shape to the middle of the nails, beginning at the base of the nail and tapering off at the tip. Finish with SinfulColors Top Coat and let dry.






Look 3: Sweet Heart




Step 1: Apply two coats of SinfulColors shade Glass Pink to each nail and let dry.













Step 2: Using SinfulColors shade Boom Boom, apply two small semi-circles to the tips of each nail to form a heart shape. Let dry and finish with a SinfulColors top coat!





Look 4: Kissful Color




Step 1: Apply SinfulColors #SCSWAK shade It’s About Valen-time to the nails, skipping an accent nail and let dry.







Step 2: Apply two coats of SinfulColors #SCSWAK shade Kissful Thinking to the accent nail. Use a toothpick or brush to place individual lip glitters as desired.