Get Date Night Ready: A Sexy Outfit

Is it just us, or does it seem like when you’re trying to find an outfit for a very important dinner, event or date, nothing comes together? After searching online and in the mall, nothing looks right on you, and you’re stuck wearing the same, boring outfit you’ve worn before? With any important date, this can seriously drag your whole night down and take the focus off finding the perfect gift for your significant other, but what if there was a boutique that can take away that very problem for you with the cutest and hottest fashions specifically tailored for date night? Uh, yes please!

This month, let’s make you over with the first-of-its-kind boutique, The Dress Code. The Dress Code is an online retail site carrying women’s clothing specifically for those needing something special for date night.

Women typically shop for work and casual clothing, picking up things here and there they like.  When date night spontaneously approaches, they are piecing things together that they have in their closet, which looks cute, but with minimal effort, not enough to make the statement they desire. The Dress Code puts the added focus on looking your best for date night with a curated selection of shoppable options perfect for any date setting. Whether it’s a candlelit dinner with her partner or wearing the pieces to other occasions, including weddings, brunches and/or everyday, The Dress Code is here to satisfy every woman’s chic needs.

Our friends from The Dress Code curated two amazing date night options they paired with shoes and accessories perfect for any body type. Take a look at these two looks are more at for more amazing date night looks.

Outfit 1

Pants: Ruby Pants $65.00

Pair these oversized pants with a tight-fitted top, like this black cropped top. A black pointed-toe heel is the perfect peek under the wide-legged pants while interrupting the hem of the pants. A simple statement necklace and this faux fur bag to complete the look.

Outfit 2:

Faux Suede Pencil Skirt: $42.00

White Cropped Button-Up: $28.00

Both pieces of clothing are from The Dress Code and look amazing paired together. Opt for business and play on your date night with this cropped top and perfect slitting skirt. The bow shoes perfectly tie together like you’ve just been hit by fashion’s cupid.

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