Get Date Night Ready: A Slaying Makeup Look

Are you ready? Ladies, it’s the season of flowers, rings, proposals, dates and candy. We’re not talking about the candy that you eat. We’re talking about eye candy, of course! It’s Date Night and we want you to be the greatest eye candy your significant other sees. We’ve already gone through the perfect hair, now let’s run through the perfect beat. Youtube is our go-to for finding makeup inspiration and we’ve found the perfect look from Jackie Aina! With these inexpensive NYX products, you’ll be rendezvous ready!




Glowing Skin

What’s key to Jackie Aina’s makeup is a flawless, glowing face, which should be your first priority for your date night look. Illuminators have been recommended by CosmoBiz before, but this product is key for getting that glowing, natural skin showing just how happy and in love you really are. Of course, we talking about NYX’s Born to Glow Liquid Illuminator in Pure Gold. Mix this with your foundation and beauty blender and your face with be glowing for the rest of the night!, $7.50




Blushed Cheeks

The next product to achieve this look is the overly blushed cheeks. There is a fine line in applying way too much blush, but Aina always seems to flawlessly get it right. NYX has an array of blushes, which are so hard to choose from, but we’ve found the perfect match for this look. Check out NYX’s Powder Blush in Rose Garden with a pop of pink and a nice natural highlight shine. For this price, you definitely can’t beat it!, $5.00





If there is one thing we can’t stress that every look needs, it’s eyelashes. It volumizes your look and takes your blended eyeshadow game to another level. If you can’t afford expensive mink lashes, NYX offers some great false lashes in a variety of styles. To achieve Jackie’s look, Drama Queen lashes are the perfect match for volumizing your eyes., $7.00




Pink Lip

To top off the look, a pink lip is a must. There are three products that go onto a finished Aina look: lip liner, lip color and lip gloss. In this look, the lip liner is darker than the lip color. To best achieve this lip color, mix a nude lip with a pink lip gloss. Our recommendation? Easy. Our favorite lippes from NYX Butter Gloss in Merengue and Toffee Nude in The Lingerie collection are the perfect dupe to this Valentine’s Day look., $7.00