Lash Me Please with LASHFOOD

We’re going to give you one of our newest best kept secret, which is set to launch this month. It has to do with one of the points on our face we always have to make sure pops. Lashes, of course! Although we swear by false lashes, we appreciate our readers that haven’t reached that level in the makeup game. Not everyone feels comfortable with wearing lashes and applying them onto their face themselves. But, these products are not only for our non-lash wearers. They are amazing to apply to achieve the ultimate long, luxurious lashes you desire.


LASHFOOD, our favorite lash guru, is set to release two new products this month, which means after this article (actually after reading the whole magazine lol) rush to your nearest beauty store to behold two new lash loves for a whole new level of a slaying.


First, we have LASHFOOD’s Conditioning Collagen Lash Primer, an ultra-rich lash primer that contains lash extending, thickening microfibers to instantly stretch and extend the look of lashes. The lash base also features micro-thickening natural lash fibers to instantly achieve the look of false lashes and maximize the result of any mascara. With just one application of the primer itself, you’ll notice a completely different result to your eyelashes compared to applying another regular mascara by itself.


But, that’s not it from the LASHFOOD greatness. LASHFOOD is also releasing an Ultra Rich Volumizing Mascara! This mascara is a nourishing, extended-wear mascara designed to instantly deliver extreme volume in a single stroke. It features a patented Phyto-Medic Complex that delivers nutrients to feed and nourish lashes, and rice bran, which extends lash length to provide maximum volume and fullness.

Talk about LOVE!


We had the opportunity to try these two products out and trust, we’re a LASHFOOD believer. Look at the before and after using these two products?! These products are great for an everyday look with full, natural eyelashes. Are you a LASHFOOD believer? Send us your before and after pictures to be featured in our magazine!