“I’m TIRED!” Staying Natural vs. Perms

If you’re currently natural or in the transitioning phase, everyone reaches a level in their journey when they say these exact words, “I can’t take this anymore!” You know exactly what we’re talking about. The phase where you don’t know what to do with your hair. It’s too thick, too thin, won’t hold a curl, hair takes too much time; you just can’t deal stage. You even end the thought with, “I’m going back to perms; I can’t anymore.” If you’re at this phase, first, let us say, we sympathize with you. You’re not alone. Everyone in their natural hair journey experiences this and it’s inevitable. Secondly, here are some things to think about if you are stuck between sticking out your natural hair journey or going back to the creamy crack. After these points, no matter what your decision is, we fully support you.


Know Your Why

The first thing to evaluate is knowing why you decided to become natural. Did you want your hair to be healthier? Did you want to embrace your curl pattern? Think back to the day you decided to let go of perms, heat, and chemicals and create a new, healthier foundation for your hair. Remember why you went through with that big chop, or the texture of your damaged hair. Remembering your why affirms the very reasons your decision was made and puts the goal back into perspective. It’s easy to forget how a journey starts when you’re in the mid-way stage or already fully transitioned. Don’t let the struggles of the fight tear you down! You got this!


Following the Leader?

This point is very important, and we want you to read this carefully and fully digest this. If you are becoming natural to follow the trend and crowd, do not go natural. We repeat: do NOT go natural. The natural, organic trend has taken a life of its own. Ladies are pressuring other ladies to take better care of their hair and go natural. Men are claiming to only love “natural” ladies and say they prefer the puff over the heat. Do not let this be the the motivation for your decision to become natural. If so, please stop, return those products and go to your trusted stylist to get a perm again. Because natural is a new lifestyle, it’s a dedication you shouldn’t take lightly. You may be in over your head and not fully dedicated to how this can actually improve your hair. In 2018, let’s stop following the leader when it comes to being natural and do what naturally suits you.


Stop and Protective Style

If you are stuck at this stage, the best thing to do with any decision is to stop and logically think about what is the best option. With that, we recommend stopping and getting a protective style before you decide. If you’re tired of doing your hair or don’t have time, get a protective style like braids, crochets, or a weave to suffice in the meantime. All of these require minimal work and protect your hair during a drastic decision. You can also get a fill of going back to straight hair or loving on your curls. Either way, utilize these protective styles when you get tired. In most cases, ladies miss their natural curls and are affirmed to continue the journey, let their hair grow and try new styles again.


Perms Have Journeys Too

One thing we don’t want you to forget is the journey you’ll have to experience going back to perms. Perms are chemicals, which makes your hair straight and takes equal TLC as natural hair. This means getting trims, not continually putting your hair in ponytails, staying aware of hair thinning and breakage. Taking proper care of your hair is essential for whatever decision you make. If you want straighter hair, cool. You can get silk presses. Don’t forget that with any choice you make with your hair, it still needs the same love and care as the others.


Recognize the Prize

We leave you with this last point: recognizing the end goal. Remember what your hair could look like when you are fully natural. Remember the desired healthy length you are shooting for when going natural. Remember what your curls could look like if you take better care of your hair. Always have an end goal and remember that when you start to question your choices.