As a marathoner, reaching the finish line is the best part of each and every race. The satisfaction of running 13.1 or 26.1 miles is the greatest accomplishment and worth every second of hard work. Aside from the medal, what better way to remember the day by purchasing the pictures taken by photographers throughout the race. But, when you go to view the pictures, BOOM. Your skin. You’re reminded of the toll the hard work had on your face with the constant sweat and debris causing breakouts you never imagined. Right then and there, those pictures become trash. But, we’re proud to tell you about a new cosmetic brand that is perfect for your active lifestyle. We had the opportunity to review it ourselves and cannot give it enough stars.

Glo Skin Beauty is made specifically for your active lifestyle and won’t smudge even under constant contact. We had the chance to try out the Beauty Moisturizing Tint SPF 30+ in Dark, the Pressed Base in Tawny Medium and the Precise Micro Browliner in Raven while we were training for our next marathon in April. What’s our favorite? The Moisturizing Tint really became an essential; keeping our skin healthy and glowing with minimal oil. It smoothed onto our skin so sheerly, but held our pressed base powder intact, hiding any dark spots and uneven skin tone. The Browliner was not too dark and matched our eyebrow color perfectly. What we liked so much about the Browliner was it didn’t show like it’s dark color, but was very natural appearing like our natural brows.

With the race day coming fast, we’re excited to have the same smile running across the finish line as opening our picture file from the race. Have you used Glo Skin Beauty? We need selfies! Tag us in your workout selfies to see just how this brand did the sweat trick!