Why I’m Over Being Natural

Yes, you’ve read the title correctly. I am completely and utterly over going natural. I don’t care about my curl pattern and figuring out what products work for my hair. I don’t care to watch anymore YouTube tutorials on how to protective style and taking the chance to spend hours on a style that makes me look like Curly Sue. I am over the shrinkage and extra over keeping up with the natural hair community. I’m over it.

The natural hair game is not for the faint at heart. When making the transition to natural from a perm or damaged hair, the transition has proved to be difficult, but the battle doesn’t stop there. It turns out to be a never-ending battle with natural hair with finding the right products, seeing what style works and what doesn’t, losing your length to the curls and getting your natural curls to look like influencers on Instagram. While others are fully dedicated to the mission of natural hair, I am not, and I give up. There are some aspects of naturalness I will keep, but the extra attention and effort I will lose.

The most important aspect that knocked me out the natural gang is the effort. I don’t have any left. When it comes to my hair during the work week, I want as minimal time spent on my hair as possible. I don’t want to spend my weekend nights preparing a style that will probably last for the week and will require me to sleep in rollers. I don’t want to wash my hair and then diffuse it every couple of days to get a fresh wash n’ go. And I also don’t waste time, gas and money on purchasing products that may or may not work for me. Issa no for me guys. I don’t want to spend my days putting the effort in this.

I am also into fitness, and natural hair has proved not to be reliable during this time. If I workout or run while wearing a protective style like Bantu knots or a twist out, my hair will sweat out and become extremely frizzy. It’s not even an option to keep the style after the workout because my hair becomes unmanageable. There’s only so many times I want to put braids in my hair or work out with a weave/wig as sweating is not the best in those scenarios. I remember the days I worked out with a perm and life and my hair was such an easy time. I want to revisit those days.

What finally sealed the over-natural deal was getting a weave. Oh, how I missed the length! The length and the hair flip really made me question why I gave up a perm in the first place. Shrinkage has never been kind to me, and as my hair grows, I am still not at the place I want to because of it. I also look different with natural hair compared to straight and to be honest, I prefer myself with natural hair. Nothing is wrong with a preference, and you’re entitled to look your best no matter the trend or fad.

As I surrendered to the acceptance of how over natural hair I was, I realized it’s okay. Natural hair isn’t for everyone, and no matter how bomb your curls look, if you can’t properly maintain the look, you can still damage your hair. There are also many other healthier options for getting straight hair than resulting back to a perm if you are not comfortable. Brazilian Keratin Treatments, especially Zerrans Haircare (100% vegetable treatment) is an option I am considering. Not only is it very healthy for my hair, but it keeps it straight without harmful ingredients like formaldehyde.

If you are over your natural hair like I am, it’s okay. It’s okay to go against your natural hair and do what’s best for you. Even though natural hair can be healthier, it has turned out to be a trend, and you’re not entitled to follow it. Do what’s best for your schedule, your aspirations and your overall look. It’s okay to say no to natural.