Kate’s Corner Warm Up With SPF

It’s never too early to start thinking about sun protection! As we head into spring, the amount of sun we get begins to increase rapidly. Starting an SPF-focused skincare routine now will help ensure that come summer you’re in the habit of protecting yourself! Developing the practice of using sunscreen is important regardless of skin tone, but it’s particularly critical for those with darker complexions. Along with helping to prevent the signs of aging, using SPF and staying out of too much UV light helps to reduce the risk of skin cancer significantly. While skincare cancer rates are not higher for people of color, once developed skin cancer is often harder to catch early and becomes more deadly. While those with lighter skin tones have higher rates of skin cancer, the fatality rated for people of color is significantly higher.

With that in mind, this month I wanted to share one of my favorite new lines of full range SPF skincare. Pacifica has long been a favorite of mine because of its innovative and high-quality products that always come with a reasonable price tag. They offer a range of face, body, and even lip sun protection that is non-greasy, wonderfully scented, and highly moisturizing. I love that it functions as well as any other body lotion and smells great.