2019 Georgia Hair Show

The second beauty trade festival, hosted by the Georgia Beauty Supply Association, was held on June 30 at the Infinite Energy Forum in Georgia. More than 250 booths were packed and 85 new beauty, trade, cosmetics, jewelry, and miscellaneous goods were introduced. Each hair company introduced a variety of new products, but the latest trends in vivid color wigs attracted attention. In addition, water-proof braids and spring twisted braids have been introduced by many companies as new products. We were so excited to talk with all of our advertisers and find out what’s in store for customers in the coming months.

Georgia Trade Show Trends

When going to any trade show, one thing we are looking for is the latest trends to share with our readers. This is the best place to find them as all of the hair companies there are trying to sell their latest to store owners. We visited all the available booths and three companies stood out from the rest that we’re sure to be some of the biggest trends in the coming months. 

WATER TEX, an ambitious release from CHADE, is a semi-permanent braided product with an anti-bacterial function. Unlike the traditional use of Japanese fiber, UNO H20, a Korean made product, is used. The advantages include excellent water repellency and quick drying without penetration into the hair even when wet. There are 16 different colors with exclusive colors that are not available from other companies. Available in 44 “and 55” lengths, it is a practical triple pack configuration with three packs.

Swiss Lace Deep Part Wig
Launched by New Jigu (Harlem 125)’s Swiss Lace Deep Part Wig collection, LSD68 is a Natural Deep Curl Style with 11 colors added. This collection, which has a designer sense of color, can be produced with a variety of angles, and the gradation of the top of the head can naturally produce a harmonious combination of hair and skin tone.

The LSD69 is a natural and elegant setting fume wave style featuring a curled shape that loosens and naturally rolls when you comb your hair by hand. Applying a unique color to match the style, the Ocean Gray color, which is graded as a gradation of heaviness and coolness, gives a dreamy feeling, and the SGDF1630 color which gives a slight decolorization of Front Hair makes the face tone appear one step bright and three-dimensional.

EZBRAID presented its new RAINBOW collection at this show consisting of seven colors that stand out beautifully from a distance. This collection also maintains the innovative properties of EZBRAID: anti-bacterial to keep your hair healthy and clean and pre-stretched for a natural look.