Liquids: Carol’s Daughter for Frizzy Hair

Healthy Hair Butter 
This special recipe includes seven key essential oils and shields your hair from everyday wear. You’ll also notice a natural shine to your hair as the butter boosts that property. By placing a small amount into the palm of your hands to heat the butter, place it on your damp or dry hair working in your scalp and on your hair. Also, place the butter on your ends where there could be more damage. After more uses, you’ll start to notice a change in the health and frizz of your hair., $17.00

Pracaxi Nectar Frizz Tamer
Don’t let frizz sabotage your ponytails, especially with summer heat coming at your hair full blasts. The best way to tame your hair’s frizz is wit this Pracaxi Nectar Frizz Tamer, a gel and pomade-wax combo. This product not only holds the hair but conditions it leaving it shiny and healthy. Other ingredients include Acai Extract and Olive Oil., $8.00

Sacred Tiare Leave-In Conditioner
Carol’s Daughter believes “the healthier your hair is, the more likely it is to stay frizz-free.” For this, the Sacred Tiare Leave-In Conditioner is enriched with Coprah Coconut Oil, Tiare Gardenia, Pro-Vitamin B5 and Aloe Leaf to bring its health back to life thus reducing frizz. The Pro-vitamin B5 targets the hair controlling your flyaways and frizz. Lastly, this product is made with true moisturizers instead of silicones rejuvenating the hair., $11.00

Pracaxi Nectar Style & Hold Foam
For ladies that are looking for a great anti-frizz hold with their protective styling via roller wraps and set, the Pracaxi Nectar Style and Hold Foam should be your first choice. This foam serves as a conditioner with a strong, anti-frizz hold. Ingredients include Pracaxi Oil, Acai Extract and Shea Butter. When using make sure to comb through from roots to ends to make sure the foam is evenly distributed., $11.00

Monoi Ora Flexible Volume Spray
Even though you want to hold down the frizz, how do you still maintain volume in your hair? The Monoi Ora Flexible Volume Spray does the trick. Infused with Monoi Oil and Coconut Water, it gives your hair extra strength and body while reducing the potential frizz in your hair. Protecting your hair against the heat, you’ll notice throughout the day how your hair maintains its body with low maintenance and a longer styling duration., $22.00

Pracaxi Nectar Curl Twisting Custard
Ladies, let’s get into a good twist out using this Pracaxi Nectar Curl Twisting Custard formulated with Pracaxi Oil, Acai Extract and Shea Butter. This will make sure your hair is protected during your natural style and maintains its longevity. You’ll also notice how lightweight the custard is not making your hair oily or heavy. Thank us later for saving your protective style during the summer heat., $13.50