No-Electricity Hairstyle Challenge

Going green isn’t just about choosing healthy products for your hair and overall body. It also means taking care of the environment. During most of your styling, you’re using an electronic tool or water. While you need water to clean your hair, cut down on the electronic use of tools. This not only will benefit the amount of electricity you use but also will strengthen your hair as you are reducing potential heat damage. If you’re not sure what hairstyles you can use without heat, we have four for you to choose from with the help of our favorite YouTube vloggers.  

Twist Outs with NaturalNeiicey
eVaniwithaV give us a detailed look at the classic twist out. This is an easy style that requires no heat but a classic air dry to do the trick. Instead of doing twists throughout your hair, do twist cornrows in the front and single-hand twist in the back for length and overall body.

Banding Method with Ty’Jalayah Robertson
Sometimes you prefer your hair straight and we have the perfect remedy for those wanting more length without the heat. Ty’Jalayah Robertson gives us step-by-step of the banding method, using hair ties to elongate the hair for a super cute style. This will take little time to accomplish going from a short style to a ponytail.

Roller Sets with Hazel Goddess
Roller sets are a great no-electricity style that lasts for very long and looks even better when frizzy. It’s all about the rollers and products you use. Simply apply this style the night before and wake up to fresh, dry curls for a new do.

No-heat Curls for Straight Hair with TheChicNatural
For those of you who already have straight hair and are looking for ways to add curls without electricity, TheChicNatural uses flexi rods to get a nice easy style without a dryer. To make her hair dry faster, use a fan that requires batteries for an hour for curly, no-electricity hair.  

Photo Credit: Instagram and YouTube