Bloggers of the Month: Fall Makeup Inspiration

KiKi Adams
We’ve helped you with your back-to-school hair looks with the Fall season approaching. Now, it’s time to give you the slaying make-up look to match. KiKi Adams is one of our favorite melanted makeup artists that gives you step-by-step help on how to achieve her looks. What we love most about her page is how she applies the makeup to different ladies and not just herself. This gives you different results for different facial structures, helpful for every woman. This tactic has worked as she has over 127,000 subscribers and 110,000 followers on Instagram. To see more pictures of her work, follow her on Instagram at @_kikiadams.

Esther Kuria
The weather has finally cooled down, which means full coverage makeup can make it’s return back into your regimen. One of our favorite full-coverage makeup Youtube vloggers is Esther Kuria, who is always honest about how much makeup she needs for daily makeup. She has a variety of videos from everyday to wedding on how to apply your full coverage makeup to cover and smooth unwanted areas. If you want a sneak peak of her skills, follow her on Instagram at @estherkuria1.

Photo Credit: Instagram