CBD Professional Wholesale Company Soles Enterprise

Nowadays, 20% of the calls to our editorial office are inquiries about where to buy CBD oil. CBD oil is a new and fast-growing item, but it seems that retailers are looking for a reliable CBD brand because it’s hard to get the right information to buy and trust. Therefore, CosmoBiz visited Soles Enterprise, a CBD wholesale company, to solve the reader’s difficulties. Check out the interview to learn about the prospects of CBD oil and what you can trust.

What CBD brand do you handle?
We sell Ireal branded CBD from trusted manufacturers. The reason why Ireal CBD was chosen was that it was made by a manufacturer trusted by the world, the quality was guaranteed, and most important of all, the brand’s CBD has 0% THC, which can be legally sold in retail stores.

THC is a hallucinogenic compound found in marijuana plants. Most CBDs on the market today contain less than 0.3% THC. Although there is a small amount of THC, Ireal CBD does not contain any THC ingredients because there is a difference in the amount of THC allowed. While small amounts are allowed, we find that it reduces the effectiveness and gives unpleasant side effects that our customers don’t want. 

We are currently selling Ireal CBD in Seoul, and we plan to carry more brands in the future, starting with Ireal CBD.

Why do you sell CBD oil professionally?
CBD on the black market is a new item in the beauty industry. Whether the first people who sell and manufacture a product establish a market order and sell good products will determine the settlement of the CBD in the beauty market. We believe that the future of CBD in the beauty market will depend on how well consumers are trained on CBD.

The reason why we are specialized in CBD wholesale in Soles is to grow new marketable items into the beauty market.

And what good is it, if no good product is ever sold? What I felt as a wholesale company was that it’s easiest to sell the products your customers are looking for. Consumers’ interest in the CBD appears to be very high and more and more consumers are expected to be interested in CBD in the future.

What is the outlook for CBD in the beauty industry?
CBD oil is a natural substance that contains benefits that overtake most vitamins and it is beneficial to sellers and users. If you do a little research on the internet, you’ll find it right away, but it’s a rich source of natural nutrients and natural healing agents. As the benefits of CBD become known, the CBD market already seems to be firmly established among white people. Experts believe that the CBD market will grow 10 to 20 times its size in the next two years. The black CBD market may be a bit different from the white market, but CBD is still very marketable.

Currently, oil products are mainly made of CBD Tincture, but various products will be released in the future. Consumers are expected to use beauty items that utilize CBD in their daily lives.