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The CosmoBiz was founded in 2009 by the National Federation of Beauty Suppliers (NFBS). Its mission is to monitor and research the latest developments in industry to assist critical decision- makers in determining the course of direction; to develop and train various levels of professionals to improve the quality of services; and to exchange knowledge and assistance across borders for globalization of the beauty industry.

CosmoBiz’s short term mission was to operate in response to the global financial crisis that affected all aspects of the industry in 2009. After proving its effective role, the NFBS (formerly the National Beauty Supply Dealers Association – NBSDA), realized the need for an ongoing research institute and endorsed the CosmoBiz to stand as an independent organization that served a wider scope of industry members.


CosmoBiz Channel on YouTube

Hey Nabor is our channel on YouTube. Our channel focus mainly for our CosmoBiz Beauty Examiners who are actively producing contents on their YouTube channels, Facebook, and Instagram.

  • Providing objective product preview or review

  • Providing industry background and foreground information.

  • We also provide products to review.

"It takes a village." – collaborate with us.

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Too Much To List

The CosmoBiz is known for its magazines but it is the Think Tank for the beauty industry, Career Training Program Developer, Purchasing Co-op Organizer and Incubator, Inter-organizational Leadership, and of course The Glamorous Party Organizer. 

Trade Magazines

Began as the monthly trade magazine for beauty industry insiders and expanded to the consumers. As the official industry magazine, it is well respected and loved by many.


Video Production

Full-scale in-house video production studio, producing educational and promotional videos. In recent years, we organize and assist CosmoBiz Beauty Examiners.


Career Training

Published textbooks for Beauty Consultants, wig specialists, and Trichologists. Developed daily lesson plans for educators worldwide. We don't teach, we provide training resources.


Corporate Training

As a Think Tank, based on our market research, we offer corporate employee training. It is to help manufactures to understand the consumers, and beauty supply stores better

Organizing Co-ops

We organized two purchasing Coop successfully and helped regional associations in group purchasing and orders. We also help manufactures to reach more beauty supply stores nationwide. 

Parties and Events

Bonding between industry insiders is crucial to improving our industry. We don't do enough, but we love hosting parties and events to bring vendors and buyers together.

Hair Industry Focus

Delivering retail side of concerns to the manufactures of hair extensions and wig side. Putting our heads together, we continue to improve our products and services for consumers.

Manufacture Focus

Delivering voices of the beauty industry to the chemical product manufacturers. Listen from the manufactures and find better ways to purchase, promote, and sale the products.

Going Online and a New Adventure

Turning from print magazine to web and mobile magazine APP. To meet the readers' demand, we are developing a magazine APP with an indie brand product ordering marketplace function. This project is under construction now and plans to launch a test version in December 2021.

Reform and Restructure

Immediately after the Covid-19 pandemic started, CosmoBiz magazine indefinitely stop all its functions. A year prior to the pandemic, it experienced a sharp drop in advertisement sponsorship and fell into serious financial challenges.

Established the Nabor Beauty Coop

Developed and incubated a non-profit purchasing coop for the beauty supply stores nationwide. Named it the Nabor Beauty Coop, Inc. It now has two warehouses in Atlanta and New York. 

CosmoBiz Salon

The English version of CosmoBiz was demanded highly. Instead of a simple translation version, CosmoBiz Salon was born to satisfy both industry members and cosmetologists.

Standard Retail Beauty Consultant

To help upgrade the quality of customer service at the beauty supply stores, and to create new jobs, Beauty Consultants, the CosmoBiz published a comprehensive textbook and lesson plans.

Wig Specialist Training Program

The CosmoBiz developed a Wig Styling and Custom Wig Making training program. Begun training tours in major cities around the country. 

CosmoBiz Beauty Store

The former journalists and the market researchers formed a non-profit organization and launched CosmoBiz Beauty Store in the Korean language. The first publication was introduced during the NBSDA Annual Trade Show held in New Jersey. 

NBSDA Felt Need Official Periodical

NBSDA (National Beauty Supply Dealers Association) Board of Directors resolved to publish a monthly trade magazine for the beauty supply industry.

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