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The beauty supply industry is desperately looking for qualified individuals to work and operate the stores. Unlike the general merchandise stores, the beauty supply is a specialty retailer. One must understand the functions of each product and be able to guide consumers with proper information. Especially the products, that alter the texture and color of one's natural hair, contain harmful ingredients if they are used improperly. For better consumer safety, the CosmoBiz had published a comprehensive textbook for the Retail Beauty Consultants. Along with the textbook, we also prepared a complete instructor's manual with minute-by-minute daily lesson plans and training aids.

We invite state authorities and community college career development program directors; to review the course and offer this course to future Beauty Consultants, and to help nationwide retail operators to hire the well-prepared labor force.

Creating Jobs

Businesses are willing to hire

Ready Workforce

Trained and ready to work

Consumer Safety

Safer, proper product use

Upward Mobility

Pride & opportunities needed

We Ask for Your Attention

The Retail Beauty Consultant program is newly created to fill this vacuum and prepare individuals to work more effectively at the retail stores. 

This career training program will also benefit consumers from harming themselves while handling/using harsh chemical products, such as permanent hair colors, bleaching agents, and perms.


  • Beauty product retail employees currently earn minimum wages and are considered an untrained workforce, regardless of the complexity in product selection. Even skilled make-up artists, who are working at major department stores and high-end cosmetic stores are getting not far from minimum wage.

  • A constructive career training program with publicly recognized certificates will provide upward mobility that will bring them out of poverty.

Market Demand

The evidence of demand for Retail Beauty Consultant can be alluded to the high rate of turnover in the retail industry. However the demand for retail associates who are knowledgeable in wigs (hair prosthesis) and chemical hair products is at an all time high. This can be seen in the lack of hiring done by beauty supply stores or hair prosthesis centers due to the difficulty in finding applicants who have prior knowledge about the hair care industry who wish to work in retail.

As there is no precedent for a retail beauty certification or training, the Retail Beauty Consultant course does not have a comparable educational competitor. This is due to the nonexistence of training programs that teach about wigs, hair extensions, and chemical products for retail associates. Cosmetology schools cover hair prosthesis and chemical hair product knowledge but there is no alternative program for those who wish to become educated in those fields without becoming a cosmetologist.

30 surveys were conducted by phone, and mainly targeted small businesses.

Q1: Course Review

On a scale of 0-5 with 5 being the most desirable, please rate the training program above as it meets the employment needs of your company ?

Q2: Would You Take the Course?

As the owner / manager of the beauty supply store, how likely are you to take this course yourself?

There are Three Parts in This Course

This thirty (30) hour course work to impart a basic working knowledge of the beauty industry, which includes:

Business Essential Knowledge | Wigs & Extensions | Personal Care Products

1. Essential Knowledge

This course will introduce a basic understanding of the beauty industry, with a focus on common business knowledge and practices. Other topics that will be covered are basic anatomy, essential knowledge of different hairstyles and an introduction to common business equipment.

  • Introduction to the beauty industry
  • Basic hair biology and bacteriology
  • Work & Professional ethics
  • Job safety and in case of emergencies



2. Understanding Wigstensions

This course focuses on different types of hair extensions and wigs. Focus will be placed on different application methods, advanced hair weaving, custom wig making, styling, fitting and how to select well-made products. It is important to learn and understand the importance of wigs and extensions for those in need.

  • Understanding of materials used
  • Trying and Fitting on wigs
  • Advanced hair weaving
  • Custom wig making
  • Styling and fitting

 CLASS in Korean

 CLASS in English

3. Personal Care Products

Basic introduction to hair care products, styling equipment and common products used in salons or homes. FDA’s guidance on specific subjects; you will also learn about various cosmetics and different skin care practices. 

  • Chemical products
  • Styling tools
  • Sundry
  • Skin care & Cosmetics
  • General Merchandise



Please Ask Your Local Community College to Include This Course in Their Career Development Program.

During the past years, I came across many people who enthusiastically ask, "Our industry needs this course badly, I want to help. What can I do to help?" Launching a new career training course is a complicated process and it took a while to lay down the plan of action. Now, I am ready. You asked, "How can I help?" Below are two parts that I need help with. With your help, we can do this.

Join Us as an Instructor

If you are an Owner/Manager of a beauty supply store, or if you are a Cosmetology Instructor, please be the first certified Instructor in your state and present the course at your local community college. We cannot do this alone. we need your help. 

Complete the Course

If you have three(3) years or more experience as a beauty supply store owner, manager, or cosmetologist, take the course, be an instructor.

Become a Certified Instructor

After complete the course, if you demonstrate teaching skills, we can provide FREE instructors training and help you to be a certified instructor. 

Represent the Course

In order for the community college to offer Beauty Consultant course, they will need an instructor. You can represent the course. 

Support Us With Your Voice

The State gov. doesn't know what our industry needs unless we speak about it. Each state gov. welcomes local businesses' suggestions. Just tell us your thoughts, we will prepare letters and documents on your behalf.

Be our Affiliate Organization

We are looking for beauty supply organizations in each region. Form an organization if there aren't any. We will be happy to assist you.

Designated Certifying Agency

Once this course is accredited, the official beauty supply association will issue certificates to students who complete the course.

Job Placements

Allocate students to all local beauty supply stores for internship. Help business owners and students with job placements.

Our Sponsors

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