Beauty Consultant

Empowering the Future of Retail Beauty:

Welcome to the Retail Beauty Consultant Program, a pioneering initiative designed to revolutionize training in the retail beauty industry. Our mission is to fill the critical gap in education for those handling over-the-counter (OTC) beauty products, ensuring that both current and aspiring beauty consultants are well-equipped to excel in their roles.

Key Program Benefits

The Retail Beauty Consultant program bridges this gap by providing comprehensive training for current and aspiring beauty consultants. Our program is meticulously designed to:

Elevate Product Knowledge:

Gain a deep understanding of OTC beauty products to provide confident and accurate recommendations. This training ensures consultants can effectively guide customers, enhancing their shopping experience and satisfaction.

Unlock Career Potential:

Acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to pursue upward mobility within the retail beauty industry. Our program prepares participants for advanced roles, enabling them to achieve their career aspirations.

Drive Business Growth:

Develop a knowledgeable and engaged workforce that can significantly boost customer satisfaction and sales. By empowering employees, businesses can thrive and outperform competitors.

Retail Beauty Consultant program

can be integrated into your curriculum and empower
the next generation of beauty professionals.

Addressing a Critical Need

Industry Statistics

In the United States alone, approximately 595,000 individuals are employed across nearly 83,000 retail beauty stores. Despite this vast workforce, there is a glaring absence of structured career training programs tailored to the retail beauty sector. Our program is designed to fill this void, offering comprehensive training that enhances employee capabilities and safeguards consumers.

  • Supermarkets: 38,015
  • Chain Drug Stores: 24,816
  • Beauty Stores/Beauty Supply: 12,621
  • Walmart, Target, Costco: 5,641
  • Department Stores (with Cosmetics): 851
  • Miscellaneous (Independent, general retail stores): 1,000

Total: 82,944


Currently, many retail beauty employees earn minimum wages, despite the intricate knowledge required for their roles. Even highly skilled makeup artists at prestigious stores earn barely above minimum wage. Our certification-based career training program offers opportunities for upward mobility, enabling individuals to lift themselves out of poverty and advance in their careers.


Historically, personal care products were simpler, with harsh chemical products managed by licensed cosmetologists. Today, these products are widely available to the public, yet comprehensive training programs are lacking. While some retail operators attempt to train their staff, constraints in time and budget limit the effectiveness of these efforts.


A survey of 30 beauty store operators in Maryland revealed strong support for the Retail Beauty Consultant training program. Respondents rated it highly, recognizing its alignment with their employment needs. Notably, many store owners and managers expressed interest in enrolling themselves, highlighting the critical need for such educational opportunities.

Join us

in empowering the future of retail beauty.
Enroll in the Retail Beauty Consultant Program and
become a part of the next generation of
knowledgeable, skilled, and passionate beauty consultants.

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