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The popular influencers rise and fall.
Only the objective Beauty Examiners may be the last ones standing. 

Keep Your Followers on Your Channel by:
Keeping it Objective  |  Knowledgable  |  with Credential

You get that from the CosmoBiz. Join us now.


Objective Reviews

@Mary K. Bella, CosmoBiz B.E.
Review only the products that you truly liked, not because of you got paid. Don't let your followers down. 


Respectfully Monetize

@Pure Estrogen CosmoBiz B.E.
Once you review the product, just as we pay our freelance writers, you will get paid as our staff from CosmoBiz.


Gaining Support Staff

@Bexy Beauty CosmoBiz B.E.

Once approved, you can get free training or training materials. For each product, you will have private coach and staff supporting you.   

Professional Support

We don't just send you a product to review. We will test the products first and give you the preview and background information on products for you to create your contents with.


Hey Nabor!

As a certified Beauty Examiner, you can collaborate with CosmoBiz's Hey Nabor Show, attend major beauty events, meet with industry insiders face-to-face. Enjoy many perks that comes with it.



First Sign-up and fill out the form. We will review your channels before approval.

Pick Products

You will gain access to private page and choose product you wish to review.

Post a Review

If you don't like it, send it back. Only if you like it, then post your review.

Get Paid

We will mail you a check and more checks may be mailed based on number of views.