XOXO: Custom Colored Hair Made Easy By Janet Collection

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Janet Collection has released a new collection of extension hair, the XOXO, and we’ve got your first look at this hot new product. Designed with the idea that color is one of the most important factors in hair fashion, the team at Janet decided to create a product that is perfect for professionals and DIYers alike. The pre-bleached hair with natural roots is ready for hair artists to get the color of their dreams with minimal time and effort.

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There are currently three lengths available, 10”, 12”, and 14” and two colors (a light and dark shade). The line is still new, and there are more options coming out soon. In the meantime we got our hands on a pack of the 14” light shade to see for ourselves how easy it was to dye.


We put together a quick tutorial for you, and after giving it a try the hardest part was clean up! The dye took quickly and evenly, making this an excellent choice for those of you seeking out the perfect color. Marketing Manager, Ilhan Kim, said, “If it was a time of ready made hair in the past, now is the time of custom made hair to meet the consumers’ needs. The hair is already bleached at the factory so consumers can dye hair more easily.”
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We tried two different shades of pink; one at full pigmentation and another pastel-ized with conditioner to get a perfect, on-trend rose gold shade. To dye you’ll need: an easily cleanable surface to work on, dye, gloves, dye mixing bowl, and tint brush—we recommend a wide one to save time.

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  1. Mix up your dyes, and prep your work surface. We used a mix of Manic Panic in Flamingo and Hot Hot Pink; for the lighter shade we mixed the two with conditioner. The brighter shade is Hot Hot Pink straight out of the jar.
  2. Unwind your weft. We dyed ours in one piece, but you could cut it up for easier handling.
  3. Lay flat on your work surface.
  4. Paint the hair with the dye in sections, painting one side then flipping. Make sure that all of the hair is thoroughly covered.
  5. When finished, wind up the hair and massage the dye in a little better. Let it sit; we did 45 minutes, but you could do more or less.
  6. Rinse out the dye and let it dry.
  7. Use your gorgeous, custom colored hair however you would like!

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Thanks to the perfectly even porosity, the dye took evenly to all of the hair. We also loved that after washing and air drying it took on a very natural, almost beach-y wave, not to mention that while giving it a quick finger comb we noticed absolutely no shedding! We can’t wait to make clip ons out of this!

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If you try out the new Janet Collection XOXO line send us a picture and tell us how much you love it!