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Part I: Intro

Hair is always a big deal, especially when it comes to weddings. When deciding whether or not to go natural on your big day many women, even ones who have been natural for a while, face a bit of a dilemma. Whether it’s pressure from well meaning relations who have an old fashioned idea of what wedding hair should look like, or just that there is unfortunately little natural hair wedding inspiration, it can be hard to make the call between straight hair and curls.

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As a stylist, the best thing you can do, especially if it’s a client you’re familiar with, is to take the time to figure out what’s driving your client’s decision. If they seem to be facing the choice of wearing a weave to their wedding when they usually wear a twist out, supply them with some natural hair inspiration! To get a better understanding and to give you some natural hair inspiration we’ve gotten in touch with Ro’Shunda Russell of The Natural Hair Bride and gathered images from a variety of accomplished stylists from around the country.   





Finding Inspiration: The Natural Hair Bride – Main image should be of the blogger then other images can be used on this page and throughout collage : Photographer: Llove Studios


When Ro’Shunda Russell started planning her own wedding she found herself faced with a tough decision—to wear her hair natural, like she usually did, or to go with a straight weave which was the social norm. It was out of that experience that NaturalHairBride was born as a resource for women who didn’t want to go straight, but couldn’t find inspiration for their wedding hair.


Tell us a little about the experience that made you start your blog.Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 12.05.41 PM

NaturalHairBride is a manifestation of my trials as a bride-to-be nearly 6 years ago. I said I-do to my high-school sweetheart at the age of 22. My bridal shower and bachelorette party was celebrated with a gorgeous curly fro-style. However, for my wedding day, I wore a straight weave and later regretted it. I took a look at my wedding photos and said to myself now, why didn’t you wear your real hair? I honestly didn’t even recognize myself with this straight black bob. So, I found a photographer, grabbed my husband and we took a beautiful AFTER wedding photo-shoot with my lovely twist-out, less than a month later. Same wedding dress. Same tux. Those are the photos that I post around the house today.


Tell us a little bit about how NHB has evolved since you started?

We first launched with a beautiful bridal show in Chicago featuring special guest, R&B artist, Dwele. Since then we’ve produced 6 date night events and another bridal show with special guest, Grammy Winner, Chrisette Michele. We’ve redesigned the website/blog, enhanced the branding with a new logo and color scheme. Our very niched blog is blossoming! We are not against straight weaves nor straight hair. NaturalHairBride was specifically curated to inspire naturally textured brides, wives, and wedding enthusiasts with images of themselves as they prepare for their nuptials. Stay tuned for more bridal shows, more date night events and an exclusive NaturalHairBride BOX subscription service, coming really soon.

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What are your tips for getting the perfect natural hair wedding style?

The best way to get the perfect natural hair wedding style is to start by perusing through the Real Bride tab on our website. You will find real brides that walked down the aisle with short hair, twa’s, up-dos, twist outs and more. Next, take a few of your favorite bride photos to your stylist and ask for a hair evaluation. Take notes on what’s needed to prep your hair for the wedding hairstyle of your dreams. That could include hot oil treatments and/or regular deep conditioning steaming, once a month for the next six months before your wedding.


Can you share some of your favorite experiences from starting the blog?

I absolutely love connecting with my readers! It makes me feel great to open up my email from a bride sending me her wedding photos and requesting that they are shared to inspire more NaturalHairBride’s. Or to receive an email from a recently engaged naturalista sharing how grateful it is to find our blog with so much inspiration.


What’s so amazing is that many naturals want to wear their curly hair on their wedding day but many of the nay-sayers are family members that have bride-to-be’s second guess themselves. We reinforce their love of being a NaturalHairBride with both style ideas and wedding resources.

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