Picking and Fitting Medical Wigs with help from JOI Wig Salon


The JOI Wig Salon in Springfield, VA.

When you’re looking to help a client or customer find the perfect medical wig, there are a lot of important factors to consider. First, take into consideration the BBIM guidelines for medical wigs. For a more detailed look at these requirements check out our first article on medical wigs in the October 2015 issue. 1. No Polypropylene: nothing can be flammable or cause sensitivity. 2. A Soft Cap: which prevents discomfort and remains breathable. 3. Security: medical grade silicone or urethane strip for suction. 4. Perfect Fit: size must be altered to the individual.


Depending on where you are in the field makes a difference on how to best advise your client, and you may want to make some relationships to best help. If you’re a beauty store employee selling the wig, learn how to help your client find the closest possible fit then recommend a local fitting specialist to them. If you’re a stylist with a customer experiencing hair loss and needing a medical wig—brush up on what the best brands are and help them by giving them as much information as possible before sending them to a wig store. It’s also important that if you are not used to styling and refitting medical wigs it’s a job best left to the professionals. Many medical grade wigs are incredibly expensive, and it’s not the time or place to be trying to learn. That said, there are plenty of classes out there, and your customers would likely rather stick with your familiar face in a time of turbulence, but until you’re certified it’s best to send them on to a professional.

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With those things in mind, it’s important to remember that the most important aspect of any medical wig, to any wig really, is that you’re comfortable wearing it and it makes you feel beautiful. While not everyone may need a wig to feel beautiful while dealing with hair loss issues, many may want one, and that’s where specialists like the team at JOI Wig Salon come in. For the last 35 years JOI Wig has served the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area with top quality service in all issues to do with hair loss. We spoke to team member Sylvia to get her opinions on what consumers should keep in mind when purchasing and refitting a wig.


The first thing to consider is that almost every wig will need to be adjusted to make it work for you. Whether it’s too large or too small, wig sizes are pre-made; human heads are not. “Their head may be flat in the back,” explained Sylvia, “we can take the measurements and then fix it so there isn’t a big gap.” While many might be be tempted to just wear a wig straight out of the package Silvia noted that there are many advantages to getting it professionally fitted, namely that it will be a lot more comfortable and secure. While you may still want to use tape or other adhesives to be sure it stays put, if a wig is correctly fitted it will alleviate a lot of the potential for it to blow away in the first strong breeze.

A JOI employee works on styling a wig for a client.

The last thing to remember is that in order for a wig to look its best and most realistic it needs to be altered to the face of the consumer. This is one of the most important parts of making a wig perfect. Sylvia explained that many people come in with wigs that are just too big and too thick for their head and hair type. Along with customizing the size to fit perfectly they often do other things like thinning out the hair or trimming it to the right length. “The bangs may be all the way down to their nose,” Sylvia noted.


With all of these things in mind Sylvia doesn’t recommend purchasing a wig online, partially because it’s hard to have a good idea of what it will really look like. “I can have swatches in hand and the wig will still be a slightly different color,” she explained. If you don’t try it on in person the fit might also be really off, but that’s an easy enough problem for people like Sylvia to fix. Like many similar salons JOI carries wigs and other hair products for this exact reason, and you can’t get more convenient than buying and fitting your wig all in one place. But what options are available for those of you without a nearby specialist or wig store? Luckily there are quite a few. Many oncology centers and other groups throughout the US collect and offer wigs and fitting services for deeply discounted rate or free, and there are always new options as well. Here are a few of our favorite companies offering wigs that can easily be fitted and perfected for medical use.



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Highlighting the difference styling makes, both images are of the Eva human hair wig. The brunette style has been customized with a blunt bang.Jon Renau: These high quality wigs are favorite for those looking for medical wigs for several reasons. They currently have over 1,500 different styles of hair pieces, wigs, and extensions with all kinds of options from human hair and lace fronts to top grade synthetic 

Jon Renoufibers. They also partner with over 2,000 locations including hospitals and oncology centers. We spoke with a representative to find out what else makes Jon Renau special, and much of it has to do with comfort, “the wig caps are incredibly cool and breathable, which can be very important,” explained a company representative. “The smart lace at the front makes our wigs very natural too.” Many of the wigs in their line use velvet lined ear tabs which means the edges won’t chafe or cause discomfort either.



Estetica: Estetica has always been one of our favorite wig companies, especially when it comes to medical wigs. This is because Estetica’s wigs are extremely high quality, and many of their options are quite affordable and made on comfortable, easy to wear bases. One of the wigs we suggest is the Jayne wig from the Naturalle collection which has an almost invisible lace front. It’s made with 100% hand tied lace front with extra thin lace film and an open cap with super thin wefts so that it allows airflow and is more comfortable.

Jayne comes styled with a slight side bang and a shoulder grazing length that can easily be altered to perfectly fit your own frame.

For more information or to schedule an appointment with the JOI team head on over to http://joiwigsalon.com