Compact With Impact: Ben’s Beauty’s latest trade show brings big results to a small event

Ben’s Beauty Executives David Yoon (CEO), Emily Hyun (V.P.), and Scott Choi (President).

While the number of participants milling the floor at the Ben’s Beauty Philadelphia Trade Show on September 18, 2016, was smaller than usual, it was a planned decrease. A more targeted, specific atmosphere was created by the smaller conference, one that resulted in a focus on product education. Manufacturer representatives and retail owners were able to participate in an active exchange of ideas and information in a relaxed and easygoing environment.

“Personal care product sales have been steady and increasing,” explained David Yoon, CEO of Ben’s Beauty Supply Dist., Inc, “mainly due to customers looking for a wider spectrum of hair care.” Consumers are looking for better products, at higher prices, and are now more likely to purchase more products to use together rather than an all-in-one. This trend towards greater and more diverse product use may come back to the popularity of the Korean skincare regimen with its multitude of steps.

Companies were definitely taking note of these market trends with many displaying multiple new products. With customers looking for the best products, not just cheap ones, we saw many launches of mid to high range pricing with plenty of brands taking the natural and organic route. Overall the show was a great success, and represents what we hope will be the future of trade shows; an intimate setting where consumers and manufacturers can truly take time to communicate.