CosmoBiz Awards 2018

Annually, CosmoBiz celebrates the year by recognizing industry leaders in three categories: Best Corporation, Innovation, and a Beauty Industry Award. It is more important than ever to praise and encourage excellent companies and individuals who have invested and committed to the development of our beauty industry in a situation where unethical business practices occur frequently. Retailers are losing sales profits and respect while the consumers are losing better designed and well-made products.


CosmoBiz has gathered opinions from retailers through various channels such as regional groups, one-on-one interviews, and telephone surveys, and is announcing the winners of the CosmoBiz Awards for 2018 as follows. Help us congratulate award winners by recognizing their names and brands when you see them anywhere.

Corporate Excellence Award

Sundial, Shea Moisture

Sundial is a brand that truly cares about the community and the people they represent. We love that this brand is always on the move, trying to make the world a better place. Whether through outreach efforts or marketing campaigns that target real world issues, we always know Sundial is on the right track. This is especially evident when compared with most other companies. As independent companies are picked up by major corporations, their outreach and marketing efforts often fall flat. Shea Moisture fights that narrative.


We love Shea Moisture for their outstanding products and active community partnerships throughout the country. Recently, Shea Moisture was at the New York Beauty Supply Employee’s Night to appreciate independent beauty store employees. They were the biggest sponsor at the Central Pennsylvania Beauty Supply Customer Appreciation Party and became a new partner with number of Houston beauty industry groups in relief efforts. We’d like to recognize Mr. Richelieu Dennis, the CEO of the Sundial and Ms. Dawn Green who is the heart and soul of the SheaMoisture’s community outreach efforts.


We are honored to present this year’s Corporate Award to Sundial and its Shea Moisture line.

Innovation Award

Bobbi Boss, Yara

Often it seems that fashion takes center stage while hair plays a supporting role. Because of this fashion designers are easily visible and known to the public, while hair stylists and wig designers are hidden behind the scenes. But, is hair not one of the top things we notice when a celebrity comes down the red carpet? Don’t we notice if the hair works seamlessly with the look, and when it doesn’t? This is why we at CosmoBiz are working to recognize wig the designers that bring us these stunning styles that make or break our looks.

This year that recognition must be awarded to the hair genius Audrey Han, designer of the groundbreaking Yara wig. Yara is a look that redefined the beauty industry for 2017 and will continue to affect styles throughout the beauty industry. Han has changed the game and defined the style of a generation with a simple straight line.


It is our privilege to recognize such a monumental designer and its brand, Bobbi Boss as the 2018 Innovation Award winner. Thank you for your contribution to the beauty industry.   

Beauty Industry Award

Ki-Hoon Kim, Beauty Sensation, Houston, TX

True heroes rise when we face the most difficult challenges that nature throws at us. Great leaders and volunteers are not defined how they look or what they say, but how they prepare for unseen disasters and how they respond to unforeseen tragedy.


Mr. Ki-Hoon Kim’s house was flooded when Hurricane Irma hit Houston. The beauty supply stores that his family operates were flood damaged and looted completely by intruders. As the local trade association leader, Mr. Kim ran to the other beauty stores to control the flood damage and secure the premises of others before returning to his own store and livelihood. From early morning to late in the evening for more than a week, he worked selflessly for his neighbors and local businesses.


It is our pleasure to introduce a man with a heart of gold, Mr. Ki-Hoon Kim as the 2018 Beauty Industry Award winner.