Heat Up Your Hair

Color trends for 2018 are running hot!

Set those cool toned colors aside for now and let the hot shades for 2018 bring some fire to your look. While 2017 was all about the greens, blues, and blue-toned purples, 2018 brings reds and oranges into the mix. Warm-toned purples, pinks, reds, and orange hues are where it’s at this year, and no one proves that more than the latest looks from Royal Imex’s Zury Sassy line. This month, we’re bringing you a whole lot of color inspiration to get you in the mood for the new trends.

Mimi and Moni are two short looks that have been gaining quite the daring reputation lately. Both are quite the change from the cool-toned styles of the last two years. Moni, in particular, is creating quite the stir with its Marilyn Monroe style and innovative color palettes. All the beauty bloggers over the world are trying to get their hands on one of their own.



Red-toned pinks, orchid tinted purples, and bright orange shades are popping up all over social media. Pastel pink with peach undertones, over more saturated true-pink shades, is what we anticipate will be the biggest seller. Millennial pink and shades of it are always on point and this year, opt for a slightly peach-toned version.


While neon may not be what you’d expect to rock on your head, you’ll definitely want to give orange, especially neon orange, a try! While this shade isn’t for the faint of heart, orange is particularly stunning on darker skin tones. The brighter the better! For a more subtle take, make sure to try out Moni by Royal Imex. If you’re ready to take the leap into neon, you can try Sasha.  

Ultra Violet

While it may be the Pantone Color of the Year for 2018, the hair world has been all about the shade for the last two months. Mimi, Nova, and Ivy are all perfect examples of just how good this shade can be.

Periwinkle Blue

If you’re still not done with your blues, fear not! You won’t want to retire them just yet. Blues still have quite a lot to offer in the sartorial world. For a more trendy take look for periwinkle and pastel shades that run close to a lavender. Hints of teal will remain large as well. Moni in Mojito does this shade right. You’ll also want to check out Raven, an oil slick style that has hints of pink, purple, and yellow that make it completely unique.


Images from Instagram, Royal Imex, and Pinterest