Central Pennsylvania Beauty Association Wishes Their Customers A Happy New Year

foto by Trevor Grimes

With the new year present, most look back on how they lived the past year. We may meet with those who have walked together with us for a year and share stories of how to live the next with joy and happiness. This is the ideal way to welcome in the new year. For those who attend the Central Pennsylvania Beauty Association year-end event, this emotion is a bit different. This year, CosmoBiz was invited to this special event where they bid farewell to 2017.


The end of the year at the Pennsylvania Beauty Association at its most basic can be explained by the keywords ‘sharing’ and ‘future’. The annual event has become a tradition where the Pennsylvania Beauty Association offers its students the opportunity to invest in future talents that will lead a new era while practicing sharing in the local community. This same community is the foundation of their businesses, making their efforts all the more important; they’re helping the people who help them. The Central Pennsylvania Association, with 13 stores, selected 13 scholarship recipients and invited all of them to have a special night at a restaurant in Harrisburg on December 3. Students from the Metropolitan Barber School in Pennsylvania, Divine Crown Cosmology School, Empire Beauty School and students who showed outstanding leadership in the area were selected and enjoyed the scholarship award ceremony.


At the ceremony, Chairperson of the Pennsylvania Beauty Association of Central Pennsylvania first gave thanks to the three beauty schools and those who helped prepare for and coordinated the event. He explained that the event was meant to show that it is the responsibility and mission of our society to support the students who will lead the future, and added that they promise to continue to support future leaders.


Every student receiving a scholarship on the podium was filled with joy and gratitude that they were selected as beneficiaries. However, the members of the association who prepared the event and distributed the scholarship seemed to be even more jubilant. They were truly feeling the happiness of sharing, and the satisfaction of returning the love they received to the local community.


The Central Pennsylvania Beauty Association’s exceptional love of their customer is already famous. In August of last year, more than 800 members of the association gathered to begin preparations for this end-of-year-event. Only days later, Sul Young Soon, the chairperson of the preparatory committee, is already talking about next year’s event.


The members of the Central Pennsylvania Association are always busy with their own stores and businesses, and yet they still find time to spend half a year planning for one night in December. While some simply aim for fellowship among business owners through leisure activities, like golf, these dedicated citizens know that true fellowship lies in more than frivolous pleasure. For them, a business association should work for the greater good, it should devote itself to giving back. This is how events like the customer appreciation and scholarship awards came into being. By devoting their time and energy to the community they come together to break boundaries and create lasting relationships.