You Are What You Brush With: Brushes that can Change your Life

A nine-year-old boy in New York recently got a hairbrush he wanted. His grandparents notice a small change in his bedtime ritual after they bought him this new hairbrush. He brushed his hair before bed and put his brush neatly in its designated place every night as if he was a responsible adult taking great care of his items. How can this simple hairbrush change a boy’s behavior?

Proper care of products like this at any age is happening all over the country, and more often than you may imagine. What kind of brush can have such an influence on people’s lives? Crown Brush by Crown Quality Products. A Crown brush represents a sense of dedication, pride, craftsmanship, in some cases, sense of belonging. A belonging to a nationwide group of the population who are more educated, responsible, and who become upstanding professionals.


While this brush is several times more expensive than cheaper brands, you gain so much more from the price that most don’t think twice before handing their money over. You can become that responsible person, just by what you brush your hair with, but only if you pick up a Crown brush.

A hairbrush is an essential part of our lives and we don’t even realize the impact it has, even with its everyday use. “We begin the day and end the night with it and we think about it every day,” says a hairstylist. “It’s not true to think it plays no importance.” Especially for the professional stylists, a brush is a vital styling tool that is being used throughout the whole day. How the grip feels, how sturdy it is, how well it brushes, pulls, and rolls the hair makes a day and night difference, and is of ultimate importance. For these busy stylists, their first choice is undoubtedly the Denmen brush, and it has been their first choice for over 80 years. How good of a hair brush do they have to make in order to keep the brand alive for 80 years? “Irish perfection,” says an executive of the Denmen, with a beautiful Irish accent.

Take a look at the YS Park brush, which is made in Japan. It is the new kid on the block that has captured the heart of the American hairstylists at first sight. It is one of the most talked about brushes among the top stylists and the word is spreading noticeably fast.