2018 Beauty Expo: New Year, New Products for Hair Companies

Blue skies, casinos and hair. The 2018 Beauty Expo at Las Vegas, Nevada’s Westgate Hotel showed up and out with major brands bringing some of their latest products.. If you’re new to the hair scene, the 2018 Beauty Expo brings hair companies, beauty supply stores, and press together to preview the existing and new products to lead on the new year. Every company in attendance brought their A game with stunning displays, amazing new product launches, and incredible deals to boot.

Though many brands were not in attendance, other smaller companies made their way to expose their new products including Sensationnel, Chade, RastAfri, Kiss, Absolute New York, and NYX. Many consumers crowded the convention center to preview and purchase stock for their stores. Salon and service tools, sundry items, cosmetics, and skincare companies were also in attendance.

One of our favorite products to look out for this year is Harlem 125’s Kimask, which is a Bio Cellulose Mask “made with refreshing cellulose from fermented coconuts catered to African Americans.” While testing the product, the mask appear to instantly hydrate the skin creating a lasting smoothness to rejuvenate your face. With an inexpensive price point with four masks-in-one, this product is sure to sell off the shelves.

The 2018 Beauty Expo proved to be an extra special moment for CosmoBiz.  Our team brought along two bloggers from our Beauty Examiner’ program to introduce them to the attending hair companies, hear their honest feedback of their experiences with the brand, and to have them review some of their new products. The two bloggers in attendance were Miss Chrissy Jaye and Naturally Nata, who are both making their mark in the beauty industry. With connecting the barrier between company’s and hair wearers, we’re sure the Beauty 2018 will have even more success.


With economic struggles for beauty supply stores, expos like the 2018 Beauty Expo are needed to inform the public of their products and motivate beauty supply stores to sell them.