Eyebrow Grooming 101

Great brows are always on trend, we’ll show you how to get the best results


Whether you’re into the Instagram brow, the boy brow, or a drawn on shape, finding the right fit for your face, the right tools, and the right makeup can be a challenge. This month, we’re bringing you an in-depth guide to everything you need to know about brows, from shaping to finishing touches.

Finding The Right Shape For Your Face

Before we start, there is no right or wrong brow shape for your face. If you love a bold brow, wear one. Although there are styles of brow that can work well with different face shapes, there’s nothing that looks as good as confidence. Figuring out your shape is the most important first step because which shape you want will change what kind of tools you’ll need to create the look.  



For this face shape, almost any eyebrow type will work. Oval is considered to be almost a blank slate—most shapes and styles will be flattering. A softly angled, full shape is one of the best and easiest to get. A straight, slight arch with a gentle curve that rounds down is what you’ll look for.


Heart Shaped:

A rounded brow with a high arch will ad length and drama to a heart shaped face; think Chrissy Tiegen’s soft look. We love this look combined with a softer, less filled in brow for a feminine look that accentuates the charm of the face shape.



A flat, wide brow shape can give the illusion of a shorter face. You’ll want to try a smaller arch with a slightly wider and longer brow shape. Cara Delevigne’s signature brow is a version of this shape, although for those not ready for brows that strong, the same look can be done on a more muted basis.



If you want look that will lengthen your face, try a high-arched, angular brow that follows straight lines with strong angles. For a look that emphasizes a round face (which is in our opinion, one of the cutest face shapes), try a rounded brow look with a subtle arch and curve.



A strong jaw is the perfect pairing for a strong brow! With square shaped faces, a bold brow is a great choice. Not only do they balance out the features, but they play them up in a stunning way. To soften the look try a rounded, soft curve rather than a dramatic arch.



Soft, full, curved brows will make the face more balanced and narrow the features of this face shape. Rounded brows are also highly popular for this face shape.


Brow Styles

While we’re talking about brow to face shapes there’s also several styles to consider. Each style can be implemented in the different shapes depending on your preference.



AKA the Instagram Brow, this look is al little heavy for some, but when done well it creates a polished, dramatic look that’s popular for photoshoots and events. Consider this look when you’re likely to be photographed under good lighting — events like large parties, weddings, and etc.


Boy Brow:

When Cara Delevigne took the modeling stage, no one could get over her effortless bold brows. They all but launched a cosmetics trend. The basics of this look are that the brows are left slightly wild. This look is perfect for those who don’t want to worry about stay hairs.


Think Marlene Dietrich and the like — highly manicured brows with a specific, round shape and a narrow profile. While this shape is no longer popular, the basic is important to recognize as it remains a jumping off point for many styles.



In-between all three other looks, the soft style is characterized by a rounded, mildly managed look. The shape is slightly altered but the color isn’t overly filled in creating a natural look.


The Tools

Regardless of the look you choose, you’ll likely want several tools to help get the results you want. The basics are simple, tweezers, brush, comb, and small scissors. From there, you can get more complicated. For instance, if you’re tweezing large areas, you’ll want flat tweezers to grab more hair. For precision, you’ll want a pair with a sharp point. Here are a few of our favorites to get you started.

Tweezers: Flat and Pointed Tweezer set by Ruimio ($5.99)

As mentioned, having one of each type of tweezer is a great way to get careful shaping. The flat, slanted set can be used to clear larger areas while the precision tweezers can be used for creating subtle curves and arches. The precision nature of these significantly lowers your chance of over tweezing as well.

Brush and Comb Set:

A double ended brush and comb set is one item that is easy to get cheap, not only are they available everywhere, but there isn’t a huge degree of quality differences. Not to mention, this tool will need to be deep cleaned and replaced more frequently than other brushes because of oil, product, and bacteria buildup. This tool is important for grooming the brows to the correct shape. The comb side is extremely useful for trimming if your brows are naturally on the wild side.

Spoolie:  Smith Cosmetics [214]

Spoolie brushes, like combs, are easy and good to find cheaply. We like this higher end Smith version for the aesthetic and angled handle. A spool vs comb is tricky, if you don’t need to trim your brows often, simply a spoolie is likely to cut it. They’re perfect for directing brows and can be used for more than that purpose making them a good, multi-use tool.

Brow Scissors: Tweezerman

When trimming your brows, kitchen shears just won’t do. You need a small, precision tool that allows for delicate trims in delicate areas. These angled scissors from Tweezerman do the trick perfectly. They’re small enough to carefully navigate your face while not being uncomfortable or clumsy to use.

Eyebrow Stencil: Eyebrows Professional Cosmetics

As you start your eyebrow grooming adventure, you may find yourself wanting some assistance in the area of shaping. That’s where these tools come in. Eyebrowz is one of the masters in the game, they even publish a handbook on brow care. They’ve created a series of brow shape kits that you can buy individually or in a pack based on face shape.


Eyebrow Cosmetics

Now to the fun part, the actual makeup. There are several types of cosmetics that are made for filling in and shaping brows, depending on what your style goal is you may want to try several types.

Eyebrow Pencil:

As one of the most versatile items, eyebrow pencils are the perfect way to get started. You can fill lightly to cover any patchy areas, you can get an ultra thin pencil and draw individual hairs for a fuller, natural look. Plus, if you use a wax-based pencil, you get a bonus of your brows staying in place all day.

Eyebrow Powder:

While powder doesn’t have the same precision or holding power as a pencil, it does allow you to fill in your brows quickly and easily and you can vary from soft to dark depending on how bold you want to go. This is the product you need for Instagram brows. That said, since it’s powder-based, it doesn’t tend to be as long lasting and is prone to fading.

Eyebrow Gel:

Eyebrow gel is the favorite of the bold and vintage brow crew. It has the shade versatility of a powder, the control of a pencil or tint, and the lasting power to outshine them all. The only downside to gel is that it’s not always possible to get the same precision as with a pencil and it tends to be more dramatic.

Eyebrow Tint:

While this type of product goes by many names (gel, tint, mascara, boy brow), it’s essentially a color tinted pomade for brows. This product comes in a tube with a spool wand and is applied to the hair of the brow only. While it can be used to darken the skin underneath, it mostly is used to slightly darken and thicken while holding brows to a particular shape. This is perfect for softer shapes when little fill is needed and for Boy Brow styles.