The New Natural: Indie Beauty Brands Bringing the Best in Natural Cosmetics

Images from Beauty Press

Natural beauty is one of the fastest growing sectors of the beauty market, and it’s no wonder why. Who wouldn’t want to know that what they’re putting on their body is as safe and natural as possible? The market for natural and organic beauty is expansive and we love that it’s an area where smaller, indie brands can really shine. This month, we wanted to share several of our favorite new brands and some of their amazing products.

Clove + Hallow

When it comes to cosmetics, many believe that high quality and natural can’t go together, but that’s just not true anymore. This cosmetics line is vegan and cruelty-free and uses an approach they call Clean15—meaning they stick with 15 or fewer ingredients per product. When it comes to natural and “clean beauty” we often stop to wonder, sometimes that means ingredients are used that aren’t fully tested, Clove + Hollow takes their approach very seriously and only uses the safest, most well-researched ingredients available.


Their current product line is very curated. They currently only offer lip color, foundation and concealer, and a makeup remover, but they make quality over quantity a priority. For such a small line you might expect a limited range of foundation colors, well you’d be half right. While there are only two shades they range from very light to fairly dark—it’s much more inclusive than even what many larger brands offer.


Naturally Fly

Founded on the idea that there are few things more nourishing for the body than natural products, Naturally Fly offers a simple line of body butter and salt scrubs. Both are made from simple blends of high-quality ingredients. The body butter is made from a mix of oils that results in a non-greasy, fast-absorbing hydration powerhouse that we’re in love with.


The salt scrubs are the perfect mix of hydrating and exfoliating. One of their best sellers is the Honey Punchline — for both salt scrub and body butter. Unlike many honey products, where honey is last in a long list of ingredients, in Naturally Fly honey is second only to the shea butter base. This means that you’ll actually be getting the full honey nutrients not just the fragrance.

Secretly Obvious

For the last 14 years, this family-owned business has been developing their line and building a cult following for their natural products made from organic oils and shea butter. Just one look at their reviews and you’ll be just as intrigued as we were. The secret to their success is the blending of traditional beauty techniques with modern technology for products that are wholesome and effective.


One of the best sellers is the Acne and Blackhead Control Bundle, which comes in three sizes. The smallest bundle comes with a citrus soap bar, 1oz of Acne & Blackhead Control Serum, 2oz of Acne & Blackhead Control Shea Butter and an optional 2oz natural sunscreen butter. Not only is it said to help prevent future outbreaks, but it heals the damage from past skin troubles as well.



BLC Naturals

Introducing the professional’s choice for natural hair care. The BCL Naturals hair care line of eight products provides result-based formulations for the most common hair types.

The Intense Hydration line moisturizes and nourishes dry, frizzy, dull hair in a soothing lavender and avocado spa scent. Essential oils deliver deep moisture and health to restore soft, silky hair. Available in shampoo, conditioner, daily miracle mist, and leave-in conditioning cream.

The Repair & Reconstruct line strengthens, smooths, and provides heat protection for damaged, overworked hair in a calming rose and apricot scent. Moisture, minerals, and proteins fortify and strengthen hair with every wash. Available in shampoo, conditioner, leave-in treatment mist, and deep conditioning masque.

Sulfate-free. Hypoallergenic. Paraben-free. Color Safe. Gluten-Free. No harsh preservatives. pH balanced. Vegan. Cruelty-Free. No GMOs. No Phthalates.

BCL is the maker of the first complete line of premium spa systems with Certified Organic Ingredients. BCL products are made in the USA and are free of sulfates, parabens, GMOs or phthalates. BCL is distributed through professional beauty distributors.


One of the places where using natural products is most important is your armpits, strange, but true. The skin is sensitive, and many of the ingredients used in conventional antiperspirants are linked to serious health issues. Aluminum, for instance, is a toxin that has been linked to breast cancer and Alzheimer’s while parabens mimic estrogen and can disrupt your hormonal balance.

This is where Native comes in. Native is a mix of safe, natural ingredients you probably have in your kitchen that has been blended for effective all day freshness. They make their products in small batches and a variety of subtle but amazing scents. We love the Lavender & Rose for a subtle relaxing perfume.



Formerly known as Christopher Drummond Beauty, a 7+ year old cult-favorite cosmetics line known for its pure ingredient formulations and creamy smooth textures, the owners felt that a visual update and a repositioning of the brand and its messaging were  necessary to take the line to where they ultimately wanted it to go: a global, prestige line of luxurious cosmetics that also happens to be free of anything that is known to be or questioned to be harmful to you and your health. Now, the same skin healthy formulations are elegantly packaged with smart application functionalities, have an easy to navigate and informational new website that provides details on the ingredient benefits to skin, and even include new additions to the line that further accentuate the company’s original philosophy of providing beauty products that you can love and trust.  Hynt Beauty proves that having naturally gorgeous skin and a beautiful look does not require any compromise on the purity of the formulation nor the texture and look of each product.

The launch comes at a time when women and the cosmetics industry acknowledge the value of having good natural and organic ingredients in everyday beauty items, but are still lacking natural color makeup and skincare lines that can match the luxurious texture, long-lasting efficacy, sophisticated pigmentation and polished finish offered by traditional premium beauty brands.  Hynt not only meets the highest standards in ingredient efficacy and purity, its quality, finish and presentation are equal if not surpasses many of the prestige brands available today.

Focused on achieving and maintaining the beauty and well-being of the skin, Founder Meryl Marshall developed the line as she was battling breast cancer.  Following her diagnosis, she became very conscientious of the ingredient list on all of her favorite prestige beauty products and found that the very ingredients that made the product feel and smell luxurious were often toxic, irritable for sensitive skin and potentially carcinogenic. Unfortunately, she found that very natural ingredient conscious makeup did not have the fine velvety smooth textures, attractive packaging nor polished finish that she desired.  Thus, HYNT was born as an ultra-prestige yet skin healthy line that women can wholeheartedly trust and relish using everyday.

The launch collection features a wide range of over 80 different sophisticated and versatile shades encompassed within 18 carefully formulated products that range from an instantly color matching creamy treatment concealers, all natural Titanium Dioxide and Bismuth Oxychloride-free powder foundations offered in seven skin tones that go from the most porcelain to rich chestnut hues; an incredibly sheer, organic serum + primer + sunblock-in-One; a vegan irritant-free lip gloss with colors that flatter no matter the age or skin tone, and a silky smooth lash conditioning and volumizing mascara that will not irritate sensitive eyes.