Healthy Hydrated Hair with Shea Moisture

Make sure to check out this new line!

Honey and yogurt, the two main staples of any DIY girl’s kit, are now available packaged with all the convenience, love and beauty of a Shea Moisture product line. That’s right! Everyone’s favorite company has added a whole new line to their collection, with the Manuka Honey & Yogurt Hydrate + Repair collection.

The line currently features an amazing shampoo and conditioner, a Multi-Action Leave-In, Split End Balm, and a Protein Power Treatment. We received samples of the first three to test for this month’s issue, and readers let us tell you, this collection will transform your hair. After a single use of this luscious, heavenly-scented, ultra-rich shampoo and conditioner combo, our hair was softer and shinier than it been in eons.

While all honey is hydrating and packed with nutrients, Manuka honey, in particular, is extra nourishing. Made from honey that bees have sourced from Manuka bush flowers, this type of honey is packed with amino acids, vitamins, minerals and is extra hydrating. Nikki Chung, senior director of Hair Care Innovation explained, “In designing this collection we sought to combine our legacy and learning of Manuka Honey with the reparative benefits of Yogurt to aid dry, damaged, and abused hair. Manuka Honey draws in much-needed moisture, while Yogurt attaches to the gaps in compromised cuticles to smooth them out.”

With winter mostly behind us (finally), hair is still in need of extra attention to repair the damage that cold, dry air creates. Likewise, if you use heat styling tools or color your hair, the damaged hair adds up. Shea Moisture to the rescue! We’re so in love with this deeply hydrating addition, and with one use, we guarantee you’ll be under its spell.