Zury Hollywood’s New Only Brazilian Hair is 2018’s Greatest Addition

With the rise of online hair boutiques, little faith has been given to the beauty store when it comes to purchasing quality bundles. Customers focus more on what’s popular and who has the softest hair, rather than where the hair actually originated and how well it has been cleaned. Just as easy as it is to create an Instagram account, it’s easy to pretend to sell quality hair while sitting in a rodent-infested warehouse with hair disguised by a sweet scent. Online boutiques are only meeting the distributor, but not traveling overseas where the hair originates, seeing how it is cleaned, and the quality process from there to their store.


With that, it’s time to restore the faith back into the beauty supply stores and show how amazing and careful hair companies are with their hair. It’s time to show the same styles you want to achieve with online boutique bundles can be done to beauty supply store hair. What brand is going to help restore this faith? Zury Hollywood.


Zury Hollywood’s quality of hair and marketing is one we have taken notice of at CosmoBiz. They tailor their hair to what is popular, on-trend and affordable. Their bundled hair has not come short in delivering the total package of an amazing hair company. We had the opportunity to test their newly marketed bundled hair, Only Brazilian 100% Unprocessed Hair. The Brazilian hair can be dyed, permed, or bleached and comes with three affordable bundles per pack. With that much hair and a too-good-to-be-true price, we had to see if you can, in fact, color the hair like it says.


Let’s face it, we can preach a thousand times over not to color hair and to purchase the hair pre-colored because it’s infinitely healthier. This still won’t stop consumers from “custom colors” and creating an avenue to separate themselves from the rest. Rather than fight against the mass, companies like Zury Hollywood see why it is important to deliver to both sets of customers for the ultimate in customer satisfaction.


When we received the hair, it was a natural dark brown color and extremely soft. The strands were thicker at the top and thinner at the bottom matching the natural texture of Black hair. The hair was bleached Honey Blonde to match a pre-existing hair color to be sewed into the hair. We must note: the hair was bleached by a licensed stylist because, hey, why mess up some good hair when you can leave it to a professional?


After one week of wearing the hair, can we just be completely honest about this hair? AMAZING!! We have experienced hair from companies that gets matted and feels very hard after bleach, but this hair? Not at all. It has kept its soft feel since day one. We were also worried the hair wouldn’t take the bleach as strong. ONE TIME. That’s all it took to bleach this hair to achieve the desired color. It matched perfectly and has not folded on its quality. Only Brazilian Hair is the truth and we’re excited to wear this over and over again. Ring in the new era of dependable and clean beauty supply store hair that will turn heads and not pockets.