Repairing Hair Products

There comes a point where you’re dealing with the inevitable if you’re putting heat, color or pressure on your hair. Eventually, your strands can no longer keep up and you see the results of that with breakage. This is your hair screaming that change needs to come. Along with changing what you do to your hair, don’t forget to change what you put in your hair. You could be using products that hydrate and protect your hair, stimulating healthy growth rather than ones that could cause your hair to become more damaged. With that, we’re giving you three products to invest your time and money into that will bring you substantial benefits. Let’s get your curls to flourish just in time for Summer 2018!


Shea Moisture

Let’s face it…hair reaches a breaking point – literally – with too much exposure to heat styling tools, color, and the cold weather. Give hair that much needed detox and intensely hydrate and deeply repair dry, brittle strands with new SheaMoisture Manuka Honey & Yogurt collection!

Powered by reparative proteins and butters, this nutrient-rich, 5-piece collection naturally reinforces and revitalizes abused hair fibers, leaving hair looking healthy and smooth. These deep conditioning, reparative products are formulated with certified organic Shea Butter, Manuka Honey and Yogurt Extract. Manuka Honey, produced in New Zealand by bees that pollinate the Manuka bush, is one of the most unique and beneficial forms of honey. It is a natural humectant, rich in amino acids, vitamins and essential minerals, while yogurt is a superfood packed with reconstructive proteins, calcium, potassium and vitamins. Together they give hair the strength and nourishment it needs.

We received the Shampoo, Conditioner and Protein Power Treatment. Both the Shampoo and Conditioner work amazing, but our favorite product to highlight is the Protein Power Treatment. It comes in an easy package, which we prefer as it is less messy than attempting to grab handfuls out of jars. Most protein treatments can leave your hair very brittle as sometimes too much protein, or the form of protein being used can be bad for the hair. This product did no such thing. It left our hair hydrated, conditioned and healthy with curls bouncing throughout the hair. What’s amazing is that the package can last you about three conditioning treatments. If you’re in need of a deep conditioner that penetrates your hair to add moisture and strength, this is the one.


Fairy Tales Hair Care: Kids Repairing Edition

We all know that quinoa has many benefits, but what’s amazing are the benefits of incorporating this product in our hair. This is the main ingredient found in Fairy Tales Hair Care’s Curly-Q Collection. The protein in the quinoa deeply repairs and nourishes damaged hair and creates a protective barrier from environmental stresses. This product is perfect for the little girl whose hair is damaged and still wants to revitalize and strengthen every strand.

We were able to test the Curly-Q Hydrating Shampoo, Hydrating Conditioner and the Styling Spray Gel on a little one and loved everything about it from the packaging to the scent. The Hydrating Shampoo, aside from quinoa, also contains avocado butter and jojoba while containing no gluten, soy, dairy or nuts, which is amazing for any child suffering from a specific allergy. You also won’t have to worry about harmful chemicals like sulfate, paraben, and phthalate. After trying the shampoo, we noticed how amazing it lathered, even on the first wash. The smell was enjoyable for the little one and didn’t leave the hair brittle like most shampoos do.

The next product to try was the Hydrating Conditioner, which contains both quinoa and avocado butter, but switches out the jojoba with aloe. Like the label suggests, we left the conditioner on our little one for five minutes during bath time then washed it out. Again, the smell was so appropriate; fun, yet not to strong.  Lastly, we used the Styling Spray Gel, which contains quinoa, murumuru butter and aloe. This product sprayed on quite liquidy dampening the hair, so it is suggested to use after washing the hair and before drying. We did notice how hydrated the hair looked after using all three products.

Haven’t heard about Fairy Tales Hair Care? Be sure to put them on your next shopping list for this one specific reason: they are the US leader in all natural lice prevention products for children. We all know how germs are easily spread and received by children in daycare or school. This brand ensures that lice is one less worry you have to bring into your house. Want to try for yourself? This brand is for every person, children and adults included!


Schwarzkopf’s GLISS Hair Repair

If you’ve been keeping up with our magazine, we previewed Schwarzkopf’s new products they are launching in the US and this was the highly anticipated line discussed at the event. We were shown damaged hair and how it vastly improved after using the products from this line. After getting products to review, we have to say every product is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED and we say that in all caps for a reason. Schwarzkopf has an array of lines under GLISS, but their newly GLISS Hair Repair was literally life-changing.

The three items we received from this line was The Fiber Therapy Shampoo, Fiber Therapy Conditioner and the Fiber Therapy Repair-In-Oil Spray. Again, this line is specific for anyone with extremely damaged hair, so colored, permed, heat-damaged, etc. We started with the Shampoo, which lathered amazing. The scent is perfect: clean, subtle, noticeable and smells like a product your stylist would use. What we noticed after using this shampoo literally had us amazed. Never had we used a shampoo which left our hair softer than conditioner. We could not believe how much moisture our hair received and this was just after the first wash! The shampoo, if anything, should immediately be put in your shopping cart. The Conditioner, like the Shampoo, was amazing; same smell, same soft touch, same hydration.

Our next favorite was the Repair-In-Oil Spray. This product is special because the Repair and Oil mix together as one, which doesn’t take one away from another. The Repair-In-Oil Spray hydrates the hair and improves the state of your hair. In all, this line is something we haven’t put down since we started using. If this is what we can expect from Schwarzkopf with everything they’re bringing to the US, they might just take all our coins.