500 Days of Summer: Makeup Trends to Try Before the Season Is Done by Danielle Alyce Wilson

It’s nowhere near 500 days of Summer, but there are definitely longer days and shorter nights. 92 Days. 3 Months. That is the exact length of the summer season, yet somehow it always seems like the shortest part of the year. This is a sign to make the most of each day of the Summer season. How can this be done? Start with all the latest makeup trends you can only get away with in the carefree, summer months. Most people are away from work and school, so it can be an opportunity to try out more fun and less rigid makeup styles. Who knows…maybe you’ll find that these trends are not as crazy as you thought and become a go-to look for you?!

Glass Skin

“Glass Skin” is the most recent Korean beauty trend that everyone is obsessed with. Although it’s based on several lengthy steps of hydration, masking and moisturizing, you can fake this look using mostly makeup and only a little skincare. Glass skin is like highlighted skin with a smoother texture and transparent color. Think skin that has been buffed to shine and reflect like glass. It’s pretty much highlight on level 10,000 and, in my opinion,  it’s the easiest trend to pull off for this summer and to take into the rest of the year.

As I mentioned before, it has multiple skincare steps that require – let’s just say it’s a lot! This trend of course will be far easier if your skin is combination oily or normal-to-oily. You want to start and end the process with a moisturizing spray like rose water or MAC’s “Fix+”. These sprays will prep the skin for even more hydration and give a beautiful finish. Next, use a water-based moisturizer or something that has a light oil base, like almond or jojoba, to lock in moisture and give a youthful and healthy glow. Based on your skin type you can stop here or add more. On set and for a more editorial look I have used a balm like Glossier’s “Balm Dotcom” or Wella’s “Skin Food.” Products that have a balmy finish will give you sheen without the greasy look or feel. Of course, if your skin is drier, you would use more of these balm and moisturisers for the desired effect.

The sheen on the skin should also be concentrated on the higher planes of the face where you would normally highlight to avoid the undesired disco ball look. This is one of the few times that oily skin will work to your advantage and you don’t have to powder. The shinier the better for this trend.

Glitter Highlight

Glitter is no longer just for the eyes or lips like the world renowned makeup artist, Pat McGrath made famous! For this season, highlights of glitter have been popping up everywhere, from runways to music festivals. This is every little girl’s My Little Pony and Lisa Frank dream come true as an adult! Apply your adhesive and your glitter in the same area you would place your regular powder or cream highlight. Be as creative as you want, mix chunky and fine glitters, holographic shine with star and moon shapes…there is no limit! I do prefer the way that chunkier glitter looks better for this trend, but feel free to use whatever you like.

You will need a mixing medium or “glitter glue” that both can be found through brands like NYX or Too Faced. On set, I use DUO adhesive or “Mixing Medium Shine” both found at MAC Pro stores. Of course, DUO can also be found at any beauty supply store. In a pinch, hand sanitizer can be used as a quick fix, but it won’t stick as well or last as long. Definitely keep glitter away from the eyes and use a brush to apply for more densely packed shine!

Be sure to test adhesive on the inside of the arm where skin is thinner and more sensitive to make sure you don’t have any allergic reactions before going straight to using these on your precious face. The main goal for this trend is to let loose and be sure to shine bright like a diamond!

Yellow Eyeshadow

This is one of my favorite trends with one of the most underrated and forgotten about colors in the rainbow….YELLOW!!  Based on your skin tone, you can definitely change the shade to feel more comfortable, but this trend is the most beautiful in its classic “Crayola Yellow” hue. For a color like this to show with the proper opacity and density you should use a white primer or pencil as a base like NYX’s “Milk” Jumbo Pencil. This will cancel out any skin tone hue that could possibly dull down color and allow for it’s true shade to show through. To complete the look, diffuse and “blow out” the color with a fluffy blending brush and go bold with wispy false lashes…for the lips I personally like the contrast of a dark, deep purple. You could also keep the eyes as the focus by choosing a more nude lip color like a clear, super shiny gloss or flesh tone lipstick.

At the end of the day and before the end of the summer be sure to be bold and try new trends…while you still can. Like I always say, there are no rules and be sure to have fun with your looks. After all it is only makeup and you are just one makeup wipe from removing if you don’t like it. The warmth of  season and life in general are all about stepping out of your comfort zones to new horizons that you never knew existed. Try it out, for me, you just might like it and discover a whole new you!


Photo Credit: Instagram