Frizz-Free Products for Humid Hair Days

At the beginning of the Summer, it seemed like the rain was never-ending. Day after day, the forecast was the same and although it may be good for the plants, it wasn’t good for our hair days. It didn’t take more than five minutes after exiting the house that your hair turned into a poof ball thanks to frizz. Our hair problems haven’t stopped there. Now that sunny, hot days have peaked, the humidity has caused even more problems with hair frizzing.

Whether rainy or sunny, frizzy hair is an all-seasons problem and understanding why your hair reacts to the weather this way is important to discuss, as well as investing in quality products to avoid this problem.


Why does hair frizz occur on wet and dry days?

Most of your hair is made up of long keratinous protein bundles, which are tightly packed and consist of a middle layer. Many proteins in the middle layer are bound to each other by two chemical methods, which lead to frizz in hair. The first binding method of the protein is a sulfhydryl bond, which determines how strong the hair is and is not affected by high humidity in the air. The freezing phenomenon occurring at high humidity occurs in hydrogen bonding, the second bonding method. Hydrogen bonds are weaker in binding strength than trans-2-sulfide bonds and are transient bonds, so they are easy to deform.
Higher humidity blades have much more water molecules in the air than dry blades, and a single water molecule can have up to four hydrogen bonds. Therefore, the higher the humidity, the more hydrogen bonds are formed and the more water molecules are entangled with the keratinous lines to form hydrogenated and curled hair.


Good for Frizzy Hair
If you have natural hair, it’s easy to put your hair in a ponytail on a rainy day to avoid the frizz while your baby hair can be slicked down with Ejima Tamer. However, not all of us have long hair and if you are unable to do so, you will need to invest in a product to help eliminate excessive frizz. After researching why frizz takes place during these conditions, it’s easy to predict what product is best during these conditions. Blocking the moisture from your hair (and no, we don’t mean a plastic bag over your head) can be done by applying oil to the hair.

When we say oils, it’s not the type of oil you are thinking. We’re not suggesting to immediately grab your Castor or Jojoba oil and drench your hair with it. Instead of thinking natural, think unnatural oils. Non-natural oils have an excellent blocking ability because they aren’t absorbed by hair. Some non-natural oil we suggest to use on your hair is Petroleum, Petroleum jelly or mineral oil. Here’s a little more about these oils and some products that include these elements.


Petroleum, Petroleum Jelly, Mineral Oil
Petroleum, Petroleum jelly, and mineral oil are substances that come from the process of refining crude oil, which is a petroleum-derived extract. It’s easy to have a negative feeling at the word “oil extract” and wonder whether these products are actually harmful to your hair. That question is very difficult to answer correctly because opinions are divided on the harmfulness to the human body so far.

Mineral oil, albolene, Drakeol, Lignite oil, Liquid paraffin/paraffin oil, Mineral seal oil, Petrolatum, White oil and Baby oil are the alternative names of the mineral oil covered by the product ingredients. But how many other products do you use that is harmful to your hair. Now consider how many of the products you are using you thought were good for your hair but is actually harmful. Is there a difference?

We’ve got two products that include these ingredients are great for solving the frizz problem. These are great to recommend to your clients, friends, family and social media following.

John Frieda Frizz Ease Extra Strength Hair Serum – This product is great for all hair types, but specifically for medium-to-thick hair types and wavy, curly hair. Frieda’s Extra Strength Hair Serum has six effects and serums to help your hair with extreme frizz while also containing properties to gloss, smooth and shine your hair.

Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie – This is one of our favorite products to use with our curls. If you wearing your hair natural and you want to protect your curls, not only does this product reduce frizz, but defines your curls making them spring and bounce.