Heat Up The Summer With Color — Bobbi Boss’ King Braid Brings The Looks

If you’re ready for a stunning summer style to protect your natural hair and beat the heat, look no further. King Braid by Bobbi Boss is here and ready to give you your best summer style yet. With 90 grams of 100% Afrelle fiber King braids, you can expect braids that are soft, lightweight, and completely natural looking.

Braiders everywhere fell in love with King braid as soon as it was introduced thanks to its incredibly soft texture that is just as easy to braid as it is to wear. No more itchy braids, no more raw fingers.

King braid is available in a huge range of colors including; 1 · 1B · 1B/BUG · 2 · 2/30 · 27 · 27/30 · 3 · 30/144 · 4 · 4/27 · 4/30 · 6 · 6/27/613 · 60 · 613 · 613/144/27 · 99J · BUG · EGGPLANT · T1B/144 · T1B/27 · T1B/30 · T1B/350 · T1B/BUG · T27/613 · T350/35 · T4/27 · T4/350 · T4/613. This is why we’re in love with this style, it’s the perfect way to get a trendy, colorful ombre with ease.

Along with stunning color ranges the King Braid is safe for hot water setting and is non-flammable—a particularly important trait if you’ll be wearing your braids to any cookouts or bonfires this summer. One of the aspects of this hair that we love most is just how soft and natural it looks feels and moves. Bobbi Boss worked with the team at Kanekalon to create the Afrelle fiber, which is perfect for summer braids. In our opinion, it’s the perfect hair for all of your summer styles.