Smooth n’ Shine Rebranding Taking Over the Market

Can you properly define your hair and what it needs? What’s your biggest hair issue? What styles are you going for? These are first questions Schwarzkopf Smooth n’ Shine are asking you when determining what products out of their collections are good for you, and why this brand is worth investing in.

Schwarzkopf is a company to be reckoned with providing quality products for every hair type including Got2B, GLISS and now their African American targeted brand, Smooth n’ Shine. Smooth n’ Shine was first introduced to CosmoBiz in the winter, giving us sneak peaks at what the rebranded company had to offer and we recently got the chance to not only test the products ourselves but have one of our favorite hair bloggers test them out too.

Before we dive into that, let’s go more into the two collections and just how versatile and amazing they are. The collections are categorized by whether your hair is natural (curls and coils) or straight (containing chemical products like a perm). Each collection offers an array of products specifically for styles to be in correlation with hair texture. For the straight collection, hair straightening polishes, mousses for curls, and an array of gels for edges and hair are featured. For the curls collection, detanglers, co-washes, and curl-defining products are available. We at CosmoBiz appreciate these two collections so much because we realize not everyone is natural. A lot of thought goes into healthy natural hair products, but few into healthy products for permed hair. The focus was made into both hair categories and that couldn’t speak more about how Smooth n’ Shine cares about their audience.

As mentioned before, we collaborated with one of our favorite hair, beauty and health bloggers Traci Scott (@traybunny) to test out these products and give her honest opinion just how they worked on her hair. As she is natural, the collection she received were all the curly products. Do you think they passed the test? Read more to find out!


Smooth n’ Shine Curl Products She Received

Anti Breakage Lotion

Styling Custard

Moisturizing Conditioner

Detangling Foam

Col Hydrating Butter

Curl Defining Cream

Deep Recovery Treatment

Quenching Co-Wash

Curl Defining Gel

Curl Defining Mousse


Tracy’s Results


First, have you heard of Schwarzkopf or Smooth N’ Shine before using these products?


Yes, I have heard of Schwarzkopf products and have seen them in stores; however, I hadn’t heard of the Smooth N’ Shine product line.


What was your haircare routine before trying out this brand?


I have “Wash Day” every 2-3 weeks that involves an Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse following a deep conditioning (normally will sit overnight). I follow up with rinsing in the morning, putting in a Leave-In conditioner, then styling my natural hair with a curl defining gel. To maintain my curls throughout the week, I put my hair in a “pineapple” style before going to bed. Lastly, I moisturize my hair daily to prevent dryness.


When receiving your package, what were your thoughts on the packaging, products, and smell?


The packaging looked inviting and I am very surprised I haven’t noticed this product before!

There were tons of different products made for naturally curly hair of all textures, which is a huge bonus in my ratings of this brand. All of the products smelled great; a nice and light fragrance.


How many times did you test out the products?


I tested out the products a more twice, some more than others.


What was your favorite product and why?


I love the Curl Defining Mousse. It’s great for refreshing my curls in the morning. With natural hair, it can be tough keeping your curls “poppin” all the time without encountering frizz and limp curls. I typically shy away from using Mousse, but this product gave my curls the boost they needed and kept them defined.


What was your least favorite product and why?


My least favorite product was the Curl Defining Cream. My hair typically does not respond well to creamy products for styling. I have super thick hair and need more of a heavier/thicker gel for styling. I will say that this product was very moisturizing, just didn’t give me the definition that I was looking for.


What do you think about this line specifically catering to curly hair?


What immediately stood out to me was that all of the products are made with Camellia Oil and Shea Butter, which are two ingredients I love. Also, all of the products are sulfate-free (very important), very important for curly-haired girls like me.


Will you continue to use and purchase more after this testing? What do you like the most about the brand?

Yes, I do see myself continuing to use some of the products in the future. I like that the brand has expanded their line to cater to ALL curly hair types. These products are also super affordable! WIN!