Wigstension Of The Month – Janet Collection 2x Mambo Rockin’ Locs

Every month, we get to see the amazing innovations and products that the hair industry is putting forward. To help highlight some of these incredible products, we’ve decided to add a new monthly highlight, our Wigstention of the Month.  

Faux Locs are one of the hottest items right now. Not only are they super stylish but they’re also great for protecting your natural hair while keeping a natural-looking style. With so many amazing varieties on the market (we’ve highlighted a few in previous issues) this month, we wanted to take a look at Janet Collection’s contributions.

The 2X Mambo Rockin’ Locs are a lightweight option available in 20” and 12” and shades 1, 1B, 2, 4, 27, 30, 33, D.BURG, 99J, 613, D.PURP. These have gotten quite a bit of attention on social media, and there’s no wonder why; they’re stunning. Youtuber Bexy Beauty commented in her review, “I’m still looking for the woman’s head that Janet Collection cut these locs from because these are seriously the MOST NATURAL LOOKING crochet faux locs that I have ever seen or experienced. LOVING THEM!” Bexy also noted how these locs are super lightweight, which she was extremely happy about. She said that with many locs, your head and neck wind up taking a lot of tension as they have to hold up significant weight from the hair. With these she hardly felt they were there.

Another vlogger, Afi Elizabeth, also gave an extremely positive review, noting that it looked incredibly natural and it gave her a Rihanna look that was super voluminous. She loved that because it was so voluminous, it allowed for a ton of styling options. One thing Afi noted is that if you’re looking for faux dreads you can not expect to find human hair,  “Crochets are not made out of human hair. They would tangle, and it would shed after two weeks. If you’re looking for crochets that will fit your head like human hair, from human hair, there’s no such thing. Get over yourself, and enjoy the style for a couple of weeks.” We love this advice. We’ve spoken in the past about the differences between human and synthetic hair, and Afi is entirely correct. When it comes to crochet styles, a synthetic hair blend is going to last longer and be far more successful and comfortable than human hair. This is because of the durability of synthetics but also the difference in weight. For loc styles, in particular, having synthetic hair is necessary as human hair is too heavy.